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Custom Printed Personal and Business Products Choose
Over Fifty Categories, with Hundreds of Designs

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Alternative Medicine

College of Integrated Therapies...
College of Integrated Therapies...
specialists in distance learning courses in stress management, clinical
hypnosis and related subjects. Also offer a unique course in setting
up a
Soap Making Business from home... Free self-study entry-level

Fibromyalgia Support Center
Everything you need to know to live the life you want to
A resource for those wanting to learn about fibromyalgia or learn how
fight the disease. Contains over eighty articles on fibromyalgia and
fatigue syndrome.

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Alternative News

Concepts Magazine
Concepts Banner Code A.-->

Concepts Magazine

E/The Environmental Magazine
E Magazine, the only non-profit, independent, consumer publication on the environment, is a clearinghouse of information, news & commentary on today's environmental issues. It's our intent to inform and inspire individuals who have concerns about the environment and want to know what they can do to help bring about improvements.

Enlightened Practice Magazine

Guide to the Underground Press
Best guide to the underground press.

In Light and in Service, Dr. Richard Jelusich

Independent Publishing ResourceCenter
A resource for Independent/Alternative publications.

Mount Shasta Magazine
A printed publication also available online, this journal features in-depth articles of a spiritual and metaphysical nature along with additional focus in alternative health and animal health.
Ph. 530-926-5500 x 5 or, toll free 888-926-9255

New Directions
Welcome to the on-line version of New Directions magazine, Southern Ontario's Natural Health Guide: At New Directions we aim to offer information, stories and ideas to help you live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit and a more Earth-friendly existence."

Positive Health Magazine

Quantum awakening
THE QUANTUM AWAKENING" A Free Global electronic newsletter. Cutting
edge Channeled
information which Activates Stellar /Cellular DNA Remembrance,
Initiates Solar Lightbody

Spectrum News
The SPECTRUM magazine offers a "full spectrum" of information not generally offered in the mainstream media. The SPECTRUM stands for Truth and arms readers with factual data that helps them understand the true nature of the games being played by the so-called "elite" who dictate policies from behind the scenes which only serve to further their goals through suppressing and manipulating the common person. These subjects are balanced with powerful inspirational messages of hope and guidance so as to produce a unique, wide-ranging publication you will not find anywhere else.

Spirit in the Smokies
A magazine of new paradigm living
An excellent magazine with wonderful articles.

Spirit in the Smokies - Magazine of New Paradigm Living
A unique monthly free magazine (or by subscription) featuring:
intriguing, true, first-person, transformational stories; evocative
articles on emerging new paradigm practices in politics and conscious
living; in-depth interviews and book reviews; amazing reports on
co-creating with Nature and the unseen. Published in Asheville, NC,
USA, distributed free to many cities in NC and surrounding states, and
everywhere by subscription and website.

spirituual light journeys
a spiritual E-newsletter

Taylor Marsh, Democrat Antidote to Right-Wing Talk
Get involved. Taylor Marsh is the Democrat Antidote to
Right-Wing Talk in Politics. Talk radio personality, political
and writer on national and foreign affairs, social issues and
with raucous message board and radio show and interview archives.

The Kaleidoscope Journal
A journal for our changing times published in Barre,MA you will find some of Charles lightwalker's articles.

The Open Line
An International Metaphysical newsletter published monthly with a wide variety of articles.Published by our good friend Luann Stallcop
You will also find articles by Charles Lightwalker.

Voice of Choices
A wonderfol magazine published by Katy Miller in DuvallWA.

Voice of the New Earth
A wonderful magazine out of the S.F. Bay Area

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Alternative Radio

BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio
UFOs, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Mysticism , Prophecies......

conscious talk radio


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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy
National UK Therapist Register. Free Membership & A4 printed Certificate with verified ID badge sent to you through the post. S.F.T.R - Add your details to this register for free!

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Animal Communication

Animal Communicator
Megan is an animal communicator using shamnic healing & telepathic
communication methods to assist animals in need.

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Animal Massage & Therapies

Horseplay Haven
We are a Natural, Positive, Progressive, Learning Facility Located in Antioch, Illinois
40 Minutes from Chicago and 35 minutes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Integrated Animal Therapies
Thank you for visiting Integrated Animal Therapies. Massage has long been a critical part of our healing culture.This website provides information and insights into the types and uses of Animal Massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Release and CranioSacral work as complementary therapies for a variety of ailments and injuries.

Jeff Moore, ESMTEquine Rehab and Therapy.

Specializing in performance horse lameness and pain from usculoskeletal/emotional sources, using an integrated style of bodywork from the gross (shoeing) to the physical (structural alignment, trigger point, myofacial and laser acupressure) to the
subtle (flower essences). Usually working in the northwest, but will travel wherever needed.

Katz & Dogz
Swedish massage, Sports massage, laying on of hands
Licensed Massage Therapist with 17 years experience
Unique people-pet combination massage packages available.

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About Aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine
Dr.Khan has developed herbal and aromatherapy formulas for
people with Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. Info on many other health issues
including weight loss, hair loss, depression, stress management, allergies,
PMS, menopause, hepatitis, HIV, and more

Academy Health Serices of N.J.
National Certified Medical "Mobile" Aromatherapeutic Massage and Reiki
Products, Services, Links, and Information

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
The finest in personal care and aromatherapy

So Berry Natural
specialize in aromatherapy supplies and herbal health products

The Eighth Element
The Eighth Element
Oxygen & Aromatherapy Bar 809 W. Garland Ave., Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 326-2220

phyto-inhalation, vaporizers .

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Aromatheraphy products

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils by Awakening Spirit
The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. Send your tired
on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana and let your
spirit soar with our personal care products.

Aromatherapy and essential oils by Sunspirit
This Australian company provides an excellent choice of purely natural essential oils, herbal ointments, massage and environmental living blends.

Aromatherapy and essential oils by Sunspirit
This Australian company provides an excellent choice of purely natural essential oils, herbal ointments, massage and environmental living blends.

Herbal Endeavours Ltd
Aromatherapy imformation and authors books The Essential Oils Book & The Natural Baby Care Book

So Berry Natural
We are a Canadian supplier of aromatherapy essential oils, supplies,
books, herbal supplements, and more. Services include aromatherapy
blending, massage, and nutritional consultations.

Tea Tree Oil by Desert Essence
Tea Tree Oil - 100% pure oil by Desert Essence.

Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences and Aromatherapy
All natural Flower Essences and Aromatherapy products
in partnership with the Devas and Nature Spirits of Tree Frog Farm.

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: ArtSchools
A comprehensive listing of online and campus located degree programs in a variety of creative disciplines

Angel Art
Art to amke the Soul smile

Angel Art
Angel Scultures

art and advertising
Providing quality advertising, graphic art, and printing on a full service or project basis.

Austin Sloan Creations
Psychic art featuring mystical energetic images with
colors. Drawings are as unique as each person for whom they are drawn

Bulman Fine Art and Jewelry
The desire to create realistic images of the human form
always driven my development as an artist. Through many years of
technique, life drawing and anatomy I have developed a stylistic
that produces pieces with a strong realism and a deep emotional
content. I
strongly believe that the human form is one of nature's greatest
and I continue to find it the most enjoyable and challenging subject.
second major focus of my work has been a series in a variety of mediums
(etchings, drawings and paintings) depicting ancient religious sites
around the world."

Charles E. Newland
Charles E. Newland is an award winning artist
a member by invitation of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics since 1977
with paintings & digital images in public and private collections.

Chris Morgan ARTWORKS
A Collection of Portraits of Stars, Celebrities, and more by
International Portrait Artist Chris Morgan from Bournemouth.

Chris Morgan Artworks
Artworks you must see

Patricia DiBona award winning spiritual artist offers her
message of love, healing, and inspiration through her beautifully
designed writing journals, greeting cards and prints

Ever Changing Forms Art Collection
A collection of cosmic/metaphysically themed art, providing a universal connection channeled to the artist through symbolic sight Motivated by spirit and devotion to help humankind find their truth, is the artist's relentless driving force.

free clipart
cliparts, buttons, gifs, backrounds, cartoons, comics, banners, HP

Global Artist Village
Art, Music and Media For A Better World

Pat Heydlauff
Energy art work

Patrick Yesh
Patrick Yesh, visionary portrait artist: soul portraits, visionary & healing arts seminars, for all ages and walks of life, training programs for professionals and non-professional healing arts students.

Sacred Art and Consciousness
Sacred Science, Sacred Art and Consciousness are the trinity, featuring
the work of Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph.D.

incrediable artist,with wonderful talent

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Ascension Tools & Techniques

Alchemical Mage
Alchemical Mage - Ascension Tools & Techniques - Mail order distributor of the Angelic Outreach Potions from the book What Is Lightbody? by Tashira Tachi-ren. Products developed by the Council of Ein Soph: Mysterium Sacred Oils, ascension oriented musical tapes/cds, meditations, invocations, Ascended Master greeting cards and much more.

{Dr. RAJa Merk Dove & Prof. MoiRA Lady of the Sun Dove}

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Astrology & Tarot Readings

A personalized, fine art astrology book."
"A personalized, fine art astrology book combining
mythology, astronomy and your complete astrology reading in an elegant, 176-page


Astrology & Tarot Readings and Classes from Enchanted Spirit
New Age Classes and Ezines, Astrology and Tarot Readings by Rebecca Brents. Her readings offer amazing, compassionate insight and tools to help you become the best you can be.

Astrology by Star*Charts
Astrology by Star*Charts
Description: Astrology information, charts and interpretations for
greater insight into romance, family, career and life enrichment. Free
horoscopes and transit reports.

Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz
Gain insight into your life and relationships. We offer a variety of astrology reports
and colorful birth charts. Numerology,and tarot reports are available too! Sign up for our mailing list
and receive a free birth chart.

astrology UK

Astrology by Mark Dodich

Equinox Astrology features the unique Equinox range of personal horoscopes, year forecasts, child profiles, compatibility written by astrologer Robert Currey plus the Equinox

Find Astrologer
Find is building the net's most complete directory of
Professional Astrologers, Astrology services and products!

Matrix Software
Matrix Software created the first astrology software and has been the
leading developer/publisher of astrological software for more than 26

My Web Astrologer
Indian Astrologer offers,Free predictions based on Lagna-rashi, Free
chart, Free consultation on Gems. Case studies on Profession,
Marital Compatibility, Education..and a lot more

Numerology: horoscopes & astrology readings can't compare
Love horoscopes, astrology readings, love quizzes, personality & career tests, and relationship quizzes can be very misleading-please let us help you.

Russian Tarot Software
Master Tarot: computer programs for Divination by Tarot.
Software for amateur and professional users.

Title is Astrological Varieties
Spiritual consultations straight from the heart by
Patti Greco and Astrologer Lou Valentino. Explore their articles and
Development services for lightworkers.

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New York Divorce Attorney
Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., PC provides New York
divorce services statewide and traditional New York divorce, custody,
support and property division services via litigation, mediation, and
negotiation in all upstate counties.

Atlanta Trial Lawyers
The Atlanta, Georgia law firm of Allen L. Broughton, P.C.
represents individuals in serious personal injury and wrongful death
resulting from car or truck accidents, defective products, medical
malpractice, nursing home neglect, premises accidents and toxic

Elite Reporting
Elite Reporting is a full service court reporting firm.
Through our network of professionals, we provide certified court
and videographers for all legal matters.

Millennium Divorce
Divorce site devoted to providing divorce information and
developed and written by divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to
your questions.

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Top of the Net
Vote for our website!

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Amalthea inc
Esoteric Bookstore And meditation center

Books 4 Sale

Inner Bookshop
Books for Mind - Body - Spirit & the Unexplianed. Over 45,000 titles
search through and order online. Worldwide mail order selling new,
bargain &
secondhand, books, tapes & CDs. Astrology to Zoroastriannism and a
Complimentary Health and Alternative Health section. Aromatherapy,
Crystals, Reiki, Dowsing, Hypnosis, Herbalism and many more.

Mystic mountain
A bookstore & healing arts center, operated by two wonderful people Fank & Nanci Pascoe.

New age Books

New Age Center
The New Age Center is an alternative store situated in
(Italy) specializing in new age articles as CDs, books, incenses,
Feng-shui, aromatherapy, aura-soma and various items (t-shirts,
craft...) of many cultures like Celtic, Native Americans, Pagan,
and other. Moreover there are some Fantasy subjects about fairie's
gnomes and dragons. The site is in italian and has a rich catalog which
everyday updated and provides an easy way to buy online.


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Business and Personal Coaching

"The Writings of the Masters" and intuitive coaching by
The Writings of the Masters is a compilation of essays from the
Ascended Masters and angels, with enlightening lessons for everyday
life Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Mohammed, Gabriel, Mary, Arielle,
Michael, Metatron, Raphael, and more.The book was written by Deborah
Hill, Intuitive Life Coach, speaker, energetic healer, teacher, artist
and writer. Learn about and schedule an Intuitive Coaching and
Energetic Healing from Deborah, done via phone or in person. You can
also read about her workshops on developing your own intuitive powers
and connections.

Brightlight Coaching
Illuminate and enlighten your whole life with personal coaching, books,
free articles, resources to help you design your destiny

Business Link Exchange
An easy way to exchange links with business

Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner
Conscious Destiny Productions, Inc. and its president and founder,
Michelle A. Vandepas, specializes in helping holistic practitioners
market themselves with ease and integrity to create an abundant
practice. She works within your budget to coach you with simple easy to
do tasks each week. These will propel your practice to financial
abundance with minimal financial output!

Meaning of Life, More Out of Life, Secret of Success!
Discover Real Power to Find "and" Fulfill The Life You
Were Meant to Achieve...100% Guaranteed - FREE Success Tools and More!

Michelle A. Vandepas
Conscious Destiny Productions, Inc. and its president and founder,
Michelle A. Vandepas, specializes in helping holistic practitioners
market themselves with ease and integrity to create an abundant
practice. She works within your budget to coach you with simple easy to
do tasks each week. These will propel your practice to financial
abundance with minimal financial output

new vision institute
is a world class provider of professional standard coaching and mentoring training courses in Intuition and Creativity development.

Procounsel Consultancy & Training
Human relations consultancy and training in the commercial and public

Promote Yourself
Promote Yourself PR & Seminars

Ray Dodd
New Dream Coaching -Personal And Workplace Wisdom Coaching In The Tradition Of The Best Selling Book, "The Four Agreements"

Self-Vision Life Coaching UK
Self-Vision Coaching supports you to optimize your mind-body connection... and helps you access excellence in everything you do, achieving what you desire for your life, at all levels. We facilitate life coaching with complementary self-development tools.

Emotional Freedom Technique & Breakthrough Bodywork

Team Building Activities
Building Teams provides teambuilding workshops for corporate training, team building and leadership development

The Self Help Salon
Where coaches, speakers and self-help writers can get known - now!
teach you all about building platform -- media-speak for building your
in the marketplace, and getting known as an expert in your field. So
help publishers, TV bookers, New York literary agents, major magazine
editors, speaker bureaus, radio talk jocks and more will want to
your work. Expert teleclasses, helpful ebooks, free articles and a free
ezine help you learn how to connect with both online and offline media,
major publishing contracts, lead workshops and seminars, and create a
sizzling hot web site.

The Shift Center
Providing Powerful-Proven-Practical-Perception-Shifting Systems For Transforming Businesses, Families and Individuals.

Toni Maria Pinheiro
Committed to helping individuals and organizations actualize their desire to be more active and conscious about creating cultures and communications that transform self and others, and create vibrant caring communities. Our service lines include business coaching and consulting, inner-life coaching, public speaking, education, healing arts, and improvisational performances

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Go4BPO offers world-class offshore outsourcing and consulting services.

BPO India
Go4BPO offers world-class offshore outsourcing and
consulting services.

Business Cards - full color printing solutions including full color business cards
After we will add your link you will recive email for notic and link to the directory page.
Thanks! and good luck!

Commodity Brokers Trading
Start trading commodities online at Farr Financial and get expert help,
tips and advice from the professionals. Learn how to trade Futures and
Commodities online today.

Food Franchise
Food Franchise provides a comprehensive directory of fast food franchises including coffee franchises, pizza franchises, food franchises,ice cream franchises, donut franchises, and bakery franchises.

Franchise UK Opportunity
The number one franchise opportunity in the UK and
Ireland. Start-up costs less than �200.00p! Apply now for your free
information pack.

Holistic Pro
How to get your practice started, including writing a business plan, finding premises, legal requirements and how to find your first clients

Liberty offers free merchant service setups on merchant service
processing accounts. Accept credit cards today with Liberty

Merchant account to accept credit cards. Get setup today in just 24hrs.
Over 200,000 satisfied merchant service customers with 99.9% uptime
credit card processing

Money Experts inthe U.K.
finance and money links

New York Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Financing
New York Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Financing
Description: New York mortgage company providing expert guidance and
direction with respect to all your mortgage and real estate financing

The National Business Association
The National Business Association (NBA) is a not for profit association, specifically designed and actively managed to assist the Self-Employed and Small Business Community in achieving their professional goals."

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Children inforamtion

Child Support Info
Child Support guidelines, calculators, collection,
and modification, with articles and all 50 state laws.

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Chiropractic Care

Improve Posture; Get Relief from neck pain, headaches, low back
Clifton Park, Albany Chiropractic Office
Description : Bellinger Family Chiropractic treats back problems, neck
and headaches and so much more. Improve Posture and get relief from
with our cervical traction neck pillow and ergonomic products

Chiropractic Office Serving Clifton Park, and Capital Region NY
Improve Posture; Get Relief from neck pain, headaches, low back pain, fibromyalgia and more at Bellinger Family Chiropractic. Serving quality Chiropractic care to Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Latham, Saratoga Springs. We also carry the Cervical Traction Linear Pillow to help improve posture & sleep and stop neck and back pain.

Dr. Theresa L. Smith, Chiropractor
a website of healing information, chiropractic information, nutritional links, favorite links of Dr. T's (my nickname here in Sierra Madre). Still under development (probably always will be, just like myself!!!))

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Color Therapy

Coloring Therapy
An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for
family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and
resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness
skills through an enjoyable activity.

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Complementary Therapy

A private north London complementary therapy
offering Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Reiki Healing,
Animal Bereavement Counselling and the very latest in Sound and Light
Therapy. We also run monthly workshops.

Complementary Therapy
Alternative and complementary health therapy. Free membership and national registration for all therpaists

The Annie Appleseed Project
Complementary, alternative cancer therapies from the patient perspective.

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Approved Homestudy Curses for Counselor & NCBTMB Therapist
40 approved homestudy courses on topics like, Addiction, Grief,
Violence i.e. verbal abuse, victim, perpetrator), sexual abuse & incest
recovery, pharmacology, Voice Dialogue, Energy Anatomy, Introduction to
Reiki, Mind/Body Therapy, Professional Ethics, Relapse Prevention

Counselling Course
Distance learning courses in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Many home study courses available.
Study at home for an approved & recognised OC Diploma award.

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Celestial Spirit Designs Galleries of Rare and Collectible World Arts, Crafts, Artifacts and Jewelry
Authentic Native American "Old Pawn" Jewelry, Crafts and Artifact Arts ~ Artisan & Designer Handcrafted Jewelry ~ Dichroic Glass Art Jewels ~ Fiery Aussie Matrix & Black Opals ~ Unique Beads from around the World ~ Wire Wrapped Designer Gemstones ~ and Crystals & Wands for Healing Craft ~ Reiki, New Age, Wicca ~ and MORE! Serving the needs of Art Collectors, Jewelry Designers, Artisans, and Healing Practitioner everywhere!

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CranioSacral Therapy

The American CranioSacral Therapy Association
The American CranioSacral Therapy Association (ACSTA) represents and promotes the interests and concerns of the CranioSacral Therapy profession.

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Crop Circle Research

The Institute for Resonance
Website for remote viewing and crop circle research.

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Ballet on the net

Dance Teacher Magazine

Mirella Dance Co.
The finest Dance Garments.

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Free Chat Rooms
Free Chat Rooms and Adult Dating - dating and personals sites.

Online dating services for singles in USA, UK, Europe, Asia
Online dating services for singles in USA, UK, Europe,

.matchmakers quest.
a singles and dating directory.

Collegester - Social Network
Collegester is a social networking website with about 4000 members
registered in 2 months.

Date4u Online - Personal Ads - Join For Free
Find someone compatible with you! Want to find someone located close or
away? Looking to casually date, or find a relationship? We offer
options. Find exactly what you are looking for!

Dating articles

Dating matchmakers offers unique tips on psychic, psychic
Online dating matchmaking services and tips on psychic
readings, love romance and relationships. Dating services for Christian
& Jewish singles in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand

Dating matchmakers offers unique tips on psychic, psychic
Online dating matchmaking services and tips on psychic
readings, love romance and relationships. Dating services for Christian
& Jewish singles in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
Dating for singles for love, marriage, romance and relationships. Meet
the woman or man of your dreams.

DatingChatDirectory Free Chatrooms and Dating Sites

DatingChatDirectory Free Chatrooms and Singles Site
Free personals, and dating sites

eHarmony Review
eHarmony review plus dating tips and advice. Read why eHarmony is one
of the most unique matchmaking sites for singles around. Plus, see how
eHarmony compares with American Singles,, Yahoo Personals,
LavaLife,, and other online dating services.

everyday better living
Tips love relationship, passion, lasting romance Free Dating and Adult Personals -
Reliable dating directory of websites compose of matchmaking and personal services

Online Dating and Flirting Resource
Top Online Dating Sites listed by category and free online dating and flirting advice at

Online Dating Service and Free Personals
Online Dating Service for American Singles and International Singles,
Personals, Beautiful and Romantic Single Women and Single Men. Join
FREE now
and find a date today!

Online dating site offers tips on personal ads, personal
Online dating matchmaking services and tips on personals,
kissing, love romance and relationships. Also providing Dating services
for Christian & Jewish singles worldwide.

Partnersuche, Partnervermittlung

Professional Introduction Agency
Caroline Crowther have developed an enviable reputation for bringing
people together. Our members meet new people; they develop friendships;
they find new partners.
Free Chat Room Guide for Sexy Women and Men

Seitensprung Kontaktanzeigen.
german dating service

Singles Online- Disabled Dating Website
Disabled dating website where differently abled or handicapped people
can connect through personal ads, emails & more. Find soul mate here �
dating services for differently abled or handicapped people

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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation
Our free debt consolidation services are now
> > available in the USA and the UK

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Debt/Credit Counseling


Credit Cards Online
The consumer orientated review of credit cards.
Browse our consumer articles outlining what you need to do to avoid
the hidden terms and tricks that credit card companies try to use.
You can also apply online for student credit cards, unsecured credit
cards or secured credit cards.

Debt Consolidation
Our debt consolidation services can save you 50% or
more on your monthly payments and get you out of debt quicker. Talk
to our debt consolidation specialists today for a no-obligation quote
of how much we can save you!

Debt management

Debt program

Debt programs


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Dental Information

.brilliant smiles.
The teeth whitening specialist.

Affordable Dental Plans
Affordable Dental Plans helps you to find affordable dental insurance
plans in one easy and convenient place.

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The Directory for Complementary Therapists
in the Capital, also running monthly certified workshops in Indian Head
Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Reiki 1 & 2.

A link directory Yellow Pages Yellow Pages - Everything you`ve
wanted to know about the internet - business opportunities, make
& safe money, find nice friends & hot love, wealth, health &
safety, free stuff & downloads, games, sports, music & much
more... A directory for all you want to search!
Find the friends of your interests!

For only a small donation, this site can offer you help for the mind, body and spirit. I can connect with spirits, be they in earthly bodies or in the spirit world.

All Things Spiritual
A spiritual directory

Alternatives For Healing
We help individuals find practitioners who specialize in alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Includes listings of related books, magazines, products, stores, catalogs, conventions, schools, seminars and Healthful Hints.

Alternatives For Healing
A national wide directory of holistic practioners.

AvatarSearch: Search Engine of the Occult Internet!
AvatarSearch is the *only* search engine exclusively dedicated
to Metaphysics, Eastern and Western Mystical Traditions, Paganism,
Native American Spirituality, Wicca, Astrology, Paranormal Phenomena,
Occultism and other related interests.

Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY

Changing Links
We are a search engine that displays random links in the easiest way possible for free


Contractor Directory
is a leading electrical and lighting online supplies store

Deep Fitness
Search engine
and directory of health and fitness related breaking news stories,
websites, and instructional articles from the top experts.

fitness search engine and directory

Diamond directory a resource for new diamond shoppers
Diamond, Diamond Stones, Engagement rings, Canadian diamonds.

Directory of Alternative Medicine

Directory of Alternative Medicine

Directory of NLP Resources
A resource list of trainers, coaches, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors who use NLP as part of their practice.

Dr. Kioni
Spiritual Insights, Healing, Success Mentoring and Metaphysical Assistance, online and via phone. Want to be inspired and motivated? Listen to the Official Webcast of

Eurohealth - your guide to a better health
A guide and pharmacy to a good health. Buy Supplements, medication, herbals and ebooks. The latest news about health.

Healing Feats Holistic Health Services
A huge resource for natural health enthusiasts! Info on reflexology,
herbs, iridology, colonic therapy, ear coning, and much more. Meet
and practitioner Frankie Avalon Wolfe, PhD, find natural health
books, essential oils, practitioners and organizations

Health Care Careers
Directory of schools offering training in a variety of Health Care related Careers and Professions. Includes online course listings

Health Directory

Health Info
A directory on a wide variety of subjects

Health Links
A Complementary Resource Site for Healthcare Consumers and Professionals Providing links to Services and Products, Alternative Health, Education, Dental and Medical Resources, Hospitals, Employment, Healthcare Publications, Mental Health and Much More!.

The largest Healthcare specific Portal -
Directory on the Internet with over 58,700 unique links and 10,000 plus
visitors per day.

Healthy Pages Healing Directory

Holistic Guide
Visit, your alternative health guide to practitioners, treatments, courses, events and organisations.

Holistic Guide U.K.
your online guide to symptoms and their treatment with holistic therapies. Find a practitioner, treatment, course, centre or organisation and read about the treatments.

holistic health care.
The Site That Lists ALL of the Holistic Health Care Practitioners ALL Over the WORLD

Holistic Ireland
Ireland's Holistic Health Website

Holistic Junction
Your Pathway to Discovery
A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you will find what you need; share what you know; discuss what you're not sure about. Create your own web site, participate in online forums (over 80 categories), peruse the Business Directory, publish your original articles, opinions, artwork, and so much more.

Holistic Junction
Articles,information and more.

India Free Web Based Email Service
Hotdak EMail Web Directory- Hotdak India Mail - Free Web Based Email Service , e-mail, email, india mail, dak, Get your free WebBased email account,, You E-Mail Address with us is: Free, Permanent, Globally Accesible, Private, SPAM-Free and Versatile with 6mb space

Information Portal
Resources relating to real-life issues; Family, Education, Spirituality, Careers, Military Life, Finances, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, and much more.

Internet shopping directory of clothing, accessories, computers, electronics, gifts, food, health, home, garden, services, sports, recreation, toys, games and vehicle merchants.

Itzalist List
a great source of information

Links Directory

payday Loan, debt consolidation, credit repair, mortgage, car
loan, credit card applications

Natural health Web is the most complete guide to information about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

New Age Directory

The Conscious Living Directory

SMS Spr�che, Handyspr�che

Sound Therapy Association
Sound Therapy List of worldwide practioners

Spiritual Web Directory

The ByRegion Network
A directory of healers, artists,and more.

The International Holistic Therapies Directories
The International Holistic Therapies Directories are the largest natural health and healing directory of practitioners and therapists on the internet with more than 6,600 entries representing 1068 different countries.

the isp guide.
ISP directory enables users to search for local and national ISPs, as
well as comparison shop ISP plan rates to find the most suitable one for
budget and need.

Think Holistic
Online Source of All Things Holistic.

Veterinarian & Veterinary finder
Locate local veterinarians and veterinary pet hospitals. Find a qualified, caring veterinarian in your city using our vet directory.

World Light Directory
An incrediable directory with over 3000 listings

World Transformation
Here you will find a cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us

yoga directory

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Educational Information

All Kinds of Minds
The All Kinds of Minds� mission is to help students who struggle with learning measurably improve their success in school and life by providing programs that integrate educational, scientific and clinical expertise

An Online Degree School & College Program
online distance learning
for online degree students program schools college and university
trainings MBA program technical business

Camel Spider pictures and facts
See the picture everyone is talking about. Hugh
screaming camel spiders

career advantage

Career Schools
Welcome, Career Schools provides a comprehensive directory of professional, trade schools and vocational schools and colleges for aspiring adults like yourself.

Career training had assembled a comprehensive directory of Career Education and Career Training schools.

College Loans & Student Loan Consolidation
Collegester is a resource for student loan information.

College Loans & Student Loan Consolidation
Collegester is a resource for student loan information. We provide research on college loans & studen loan consolidation.

college search
Looking for tuition costs and admission standards or campus life and
safety? You'll find all you need to know about the most intellectually
challenging institutions in the U.S.

college search
Looking for
tuition costs
and admission standards or campus life and safety, you'll find all you
need to
know about the most intellectually challenging institutions in the U.S.

Distance Learning Counselling Courses, Learn Counselling, Counsellor Training. Counsellor Supervision Courses

Counselling Courses
Open College Distance learning courses in alternative, complementary health therapy. Learn Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychology etc. Many home study courses available. Study at home for an approved & recognised OC Diploma award.

course junction
The Course Junction community now has over six thousand educational offerings and is growing by leaps and bounds!

Course Junction is an online community and open education marketplace dedicated to helping people find education.

Distance learning could be your key to getting the education you need to succeed in your career. Online distance learning programs allow you to earn your degree on your own time, from your own home, at your own pace, even while holding down a full-time job and maintaining your personal life.

home study courses

Learn Sanskrit
You can learn Sanskrit

online degree programs

Online Degrees

Online Degrees and Scholarships

Psychotherapy Courses
Hypnotherapy Courses, Reflexology Courses, Learn Hypnosis, Homestudy, Hypnotherapy Training, Complementary Therapy, Alternative Medicine

TEFL Courses & TESOL Certificate : Online English Teaching Course
The International TEFL Corporation offers TEFL courses, TESOL and ESL certification with online international certificate for TEFL TESOL ESL programs. Teach English as a Foreign Language to work and travel abroad<

The Premier Online Higher Education Degree Portal

Title :TEFL Courses & TESOL Certificate : Online English Teaching Course
The International TEFL Corporation offers TEFL courses, TESOL and ESL certification with online international certificate for TEFL TESOL ESL programs. Teach English as a Foreign Language to work and travel abroad

Vocational and Technical Schools

Watch Education
Education resources list for colleges, online learning,
online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects etc

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Essential Oils

Celestial Elements
We carry scents for health and well-being. We invite you to try our custom essential oil blends not only for your physical health but for the well-being of your : Balancing Emotions with Flowers.!
: is the first Global Wellness Center
offers an online solution for emotional imbalance. It has promising
for correcting emotional imbalance and personality development

Natures Oils LLC
Essential Oils, unique blends of oils and "Tuned to You" special formulations.

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Conscious Living Expo.
The best expo in the Pacific Northwest, view there web site for more information.

Health & Life Improvement Expo.
visit us at Resolution 2004 Health & Life Improvement
January 31, 2004 10-6 Spokane Convention Center

Holistic Festivals
Holistic Festivals next one Oct 3,2004 Sybil 509 624 1865

San Francisco Crystal Fair
San Francisco Crystal Fair, a metaphysical gem and mineral show celebrating earth and spirit.

Spiritual Heart Events Europe
organisation for spiritual events with a.o. Neale
Walsch, James Twyman, Phil Gruber, Barbara Berger, Tim Ray (and
Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dan Millman) and many more

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Fairies/Nature Spirits


This site honors the Goddess and her many guises as She reveals a
of love, healing, and harmony that we all can follow. Each month Moon
Musing updates and rituals appear

Su Eaton and Magical Creations
Children�s Entertainer and Parent-Teacher Educator

The Fairy Line
- Magical and Natural Products that Heal
created by a therapist to enchance self-esteem in children and to
enchant adults

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Feng Shui

*Consultations in Energy Clearing & Feng Shui
Voice Energy Coaching & Toning Circles

Authentic Feng Shui Consultant - Thomas Coxon
Feng Shui Consultations, horoscopes, auspicious dates,
studies, hints, tips and information. Renovating, Moving, Building,
have you
got a Millionaire corner?

color &fengshui;

Jami Lin/feng shui consultant
Internationally renowned, best-selling Feng Shui author shares the most
effective teachings from all traditions!

Misae Richwoods
Find easy ways to improve your finances, health and relationships using
Feng Shui

Rising Dragon Feng Shui
: Rising Dragon Feng Shui provide ways to immediately
the quality of your life using traditional Chinese Feng Shui - take a
first online course in Feng Shui Essentials for free!

The Feng Shui Way

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A1 Treadmills
Get in shape with your own treadmill. All brands

American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA)
AFPA offers 20 certifications, and over 100 cec courses. AFPA conducts
training seminars and Fitness Conferences in the states &
internationally. Visit our website for over 750 articles on Health &
& 1200 links.

American Fitness Professionals and Associates -
AFPA offers certifications in & continuing education for the fitness and health professional, as well as hundreds of articles, a monthly online magazine & newsletter.

Body by Jake
Lose weight with the Total Body Trainer developed by Body by Jake.
Fight fat with the thermoburn fat fighting system and Jakes other workout

Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection

Gym Equipment
Treadmilss, Ellipticals, Upright/Recumbent, Bikes, Multi-Gyms, Rowing machines, Weight Benches, & more.

Lateral Thigh Trainer
The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one
machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning

Spaguru Spa Consulting and Communications
for the International DaySpa, Resort Spa, Health Spa and
Beauty Industry

Total Body Fitness
Total Body Fitness - Specializing in designing personalized weight loss programs directly over the internet.

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Flower Essences

charming health
Bach Flower Therapy.

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Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
"You Can Grow" using sustainable organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth.

Daylily Garden Perennials


Interior Gardens Inc

PlanTea, Inc
Organic fertilizer and organic gardening tips

The Sensory Garden Project
The website is aimed at the local and worldwide Multiple Sclerosis communities, people with other disability or chronic illness, elderly people, their carers and people who are interested in various aspects of Natural Health.

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Jonas Family Website
News, Geneology, Family History, Pictures of the Jonas Family.
Administered by the Jonas family and updated often for use by our friends and

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General Medical

Comprehensive radiology information concerning radiology treatment and imaging hospital centers. Find CT scan (Computed Tomography) and PET emission testing info.

911aed is committed to providing quality, cutting-edge, and
affordable AED's for the Home, Office, or EMS Professional

A1 Electric Scooters
Adult disability scooters at discount prices.

A1 Electric Wheelchairs
Power wheelchairs, Hospital beds, Walkers, Manual wheelchairs, Ramps
and Wheelchair lifts.

A1 Stair lifts
Make climbing your stairs a breeze with one of our stair lifts.

Acne Treatments
Suffer from acne? Check out the Acne Treatment Resource

Acne Treatments
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics, information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause. Also reviews products such as progesterone creams

Acne Treatments
Suffer from acne? Check out the Acne Treatment Resource Center. It contains over fifty articles on acne, acne products, acne prevention, and much more. Includes interviews with dermatologists and product reviews.

Acne Treatments
Get expert advice to treat and prevent your acne.

Adjustable Beds 4 Less
Factory Direct adjustable beds in all sizes shipped freight free and
set up in your bedroom. All adjustable beds and power beds are wholesale
to the public. Open 7 days until midnight EST.

AED Heart offers Automatic External Defibrillator AEDs
offers complete range of AED products including Samaritan Lifeline
Powerheart AEDs, provides grants financing on AEDs, prevent cardiac arrest,
heart attack symptoms

Alternative Cancer Vaccine, Treatment, Therapy, Medicine
Cancer Clinic uses vaccines and other immune therapies.

ANTI-AGING for Baby Boomers

Antiaging Solution
Everybody is aging. But with the professional antiaging
solutions and resources provided in this website, you will certainly be
able to slow down the tick of your biological clock

Anxiety Depression
Informational resource for anxiety, depression and related disorders.

CIC Wellness - Hair Growth, Muscle Building, Weight Loss
CIC Wellness Inc. takes great pride in providing you with a wide range
of natural, safe products that will help assist in weight loss, rebuild
the immune system, stimulate physical growth, and enhance lovemaking.

colored contacts.
Colored Contact Lenses

Constipation and Colon Cleansing Resource Center
Provides information on constipation and its treatments.
Contains over forty articles on constipation and colon cleansing

Anti-fingernail biting cream Guaranteed to end nail biteing.

CPAP BiPAP Mask Accessories & Supplies

cpap, cpap machines, cpap masks
cpap, cpap machines, cpap masks

Cpap-Plaza : Cpap, CPAP machines, cpap masks, cpaps, sleep apnea
Cpap-plaza help those suffering from sleep apnea to
discover the correct
treatment for them

Dallas Lasik eye Surgery
World's premiere Lasik and HD-Lasik provider. Serving DFW
for more than 20 years.

Dallas Lasik eye Surgery
World's premiere Lasik and HD-Lasik provider. Serving DFW
for more than 20 years.

Dallas Lasik eye Surgery
World's premiere Lasik and HD-Lasik provider. Serving DFW
for more than 20 years.

Dr.Blaine Jackson
Dr Blaine Jackson - Solana Beach Medical
Clinic,house call Rancho Santa Fe,solana beach medical

Electric Scooters - Pride - Golden - Shoprider
We offer electric medical scooters, travel scooters, 3 three wheel and
4 four wheel electric scooters, lifts and ramps. We are an authorized
Pride mobility distributor.

Electric WheelChair Lifts 101 - Best selection and discount prices!
Wheelchair Lifts 101 offers wheelchair lifts, and consultation on
wheelchair lifts. Whether its a wheelchair lift for your van or a vertical
wheelchair lift for your church, school, or home, we can help.

Hair loss treatment,Baldness & More at
Inhairit is a hair loss product that offers a complete herbal hair
loss treatment to stop baldness and helps in reducing hair loss, dandruff
and alopecia

Hair Loss Treatments
Your Informative Guide To Hair Loss Solutions

Holosync- Brainwave Generator Soundtranquility

Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs
Electric wheelchairs-Wheelchair lifts-Motorized wheelchairs-Power
wheelchairs-Wheelchair ramps-Pride mobility-Vertical lifts-Rolling walkers.
Wholesale prices with free nationwide delivery.

Lift Chairs 4 Less
Factory Direct lift chairs by Pride and Golden shipped freight free to
your home. All chair lifts come with a free 1yr in-home service
contract. Wholesale prices.

Liver Cleansing Diet - Hormone replacement therapy - Body shaping
Learn about liver cleansing,liver cleansing diet,hormone replacement therapy,natural hrt,body shaping and body shaping diet at Weight Control Doctor

Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the
PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the
topics, information

Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics, information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause. Also reviews products such as progesterone creams

Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics, information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause. Also reviews products such as progesterone creams.

Milton Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products and Advice for Men & Women

new and used medical equipment
Buy and sell new or used medical equipment You've just found the fastest, easiest website for buying and selling new and pre-owned medical equipment. From power wheelchairs to hospital beds, lift out chairs to scooters, our free site gives you a world of options.

Online Medical Lab Testing
Safe and accurate lab testing without waiting rooms. Your test lab results in 48 to 72 hours

Paternity Testing provides DNA Paternity testing and
DNA testing services, including convenient home paternity testing,
court-approved testing, and DNA preservation

Plastic Surgeon
Plastic surgery expert Dr. Miller FDACS is the New York plastic surgeon the celebrities go to for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Seat Cushion Comfort
Eliminate or dramatically reduce pain from back pain, lower back pain, leg pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, tailbone pain and many more medical conditions.

sleep apnea
Our 15 year old company is solely dedicated to the
treatment of obstructive
sleep apnea

Stair Lifts by AmeriGlide
Stair lifts-Home elevators-Chair lifts-Residential elevators-Stair lift
chairs-Stairlifts-Handicap lifts-Stairway lifts-Stair chairs. Factory
direct at wholesale prices. Nationwide installation available

Stair Lifts-Home Elevators-Chair Lifts
Stair lifts by AmeriGlide and Summit at wholesale prices. Each
stairlift is designed and engineered for homeowner installation in 2 hours

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Resource Center
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics, information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause. Also reviews products such as progesterone creams.

The Med Supplyguide
We are basically a consumers guide to purchasing medical equipment,
supplies, and mobility aids on the internet.

Thermo Charge Weight Loss Program
Reduces Weight in 7 days. A proven system that will help you safely
achieve your weight loss goal!

Used Medical Equipment
The business and vast sources for quality used equipment
that we either have or can locate most anything you may ever need.

Used Medical Equipment
The business and vast sources for quality used equipment mean
that we either have or can locate most anything you may ever need

Varicose Veins Treatment
Learn about an Exciting alternative in the Treatment of Varicose Veins! Find out if the Closure procedure is right for you

Your virtual health information guide to healthier life
MDonWeb offers the US citizens reliable and credible health information on -cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, arthritis, obesity, weight loss etc .This will enable access to affordable healthcare to live longer and better quality lives

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General Pharmacies

Dr. McDaniel's Herbal Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion contains
Emu Oil, aloe, herbs, essential oils. Pain treatment for arthritis,
burns, muscle aches, pains & more. Jackie McDaniel DC, Chiropractor,
Energy and Reiki Master Healer-Teacher

Buy Contacts
About Contact Lenses is a price comparison store for all
your contact lens needs.

Buy Natural Progesterone Cream For Natural Hormone
As recommended by John R Lee, try our natural
progesterone cream as well as estrogen cream at discount prices

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a powerful antioxidant for a healthy heart and

colored contacts
change your eye color with
> colored contacts.

contacts and eye glasses
We sell contacts all brands of contacts and eye glasses save up to 70%
with free shipping. Most competitive prices on the net


Discounted Contact Lenses Online
We're here to help you make an informed decision on your next online lens purchase.

MGN3 is clinically shown to triple Natural Killer (NK) cell activity,
to increase B and T cell counts. Since 1998, MGN3 has been the #1
Immune Enhancer.

Testosterone Gel and Patches
AAG Health is possibly the country's leading provider of
medically supervised hormone replacement therapies, such as
testosterone gel and testosterone patches.

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Goddess Info.

Goddess Guidance
A collection of articles on Goddess Worship, craft and ritual. Links and resources for those on the spiritual path.

Goddess Healing - Mary Marzo
Holistic Psychotherapist/Healer in the Wise Woman
creatress of Goddess Yoga healing circles, and the Goddess meditation
(Goddess Relaxation & Meditations, and, Goddess & Child) that have
thousands worldwide

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A healing place
A Healing Place: Energetic Healing, Distant Healing, Intuitive Work, Chaldean Astrology and More.

Able Crystals and Thearapies
We teach conscious co-creation of a better environment and personal transformation through the use of crystals, sacred geometry tools, oil and essence therapy, the balancing of earth energies (geopathics), and cooperation and communication with Devas and Angels.

Angelic Beings of Light Enterprises, Inc.
Lois M. Grant, Ph.D., has completely healed rheumatoid arthritis with spiritual growth and alternative modalities. She has told her dramatic and touching story in Spirit at Work, A Journey of Healing. She developed her "Twelve Steps for Healing" which has evolved into Your Journey of Healing, A Workbook. She has left the practice of architecture to devote her time to teaching classes based on the twelve steps. She earned a Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling Ministry and has created a healing method she calls Synergistic Release�. Her counseling provides a safe place with compassionate guidance for the release of old energies that are blocking the client's progress. It works well by telephone, too.

Most recently she created a CD of a guided meditation from Archangel Michael (channeled by Ronna Herman) called "Your Pyramid of Power." The meditation and beautiful original music transport the listener to the Fifth Dimension for healing.

Boulder Healing Arts Association
Natural healing services, educational
opportunities and connections for members and community

Bowen Pain Relief Technique
Gentle pain relief treatment for back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, neck pain, joint pain, sciatica and stress. A wonderful self-healing tool you can use right away

Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing
Free information about chakras and healing. Home of the Body Mirror
of Healing

Celestine Order of Light

Clear Light Arts/KenPage
Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing
Third Eye of Horus Mystery School

Dr. Drewry
Since 1987, Dr. Drewry has been a pioneer in the fields of somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy (Beyond Talk Therapy�) and vibrational medicine.

Dragonfly Essentials
Traditional Counseling, Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Native American Healings, Crystal Healings, located in Miami, Florida, USA

Energetic Healing
Energetic Healing and Spiritual
Healing at www.intrasound.

Energy/Spiritual healing
Energy & Spiritual Healing Center offers Distance Healing, Psychic healing and medical intuitives. Experience lasting results and re-balancing for mental, psychological, emotional and physical issues

Gary hardin
Gary is an incrediable healer and author of "Days of Wonder" & other wonderful books, a truly gifted man.

Fourways, Johannesburg
South Africa
Mobile: 082-859-7971

Holistic Healing, Spiritual Teachings South Africa

Global Healing Center Health Information and Products
At Global Healing Center your health is our #1 priority. GHC provides a full line of natural health products and specializes in dietary supplementation, detoxification & cleansing strategies, oxygen/ozone therapy, pain elimination, stress relief, and water and air purification.

Grief Healing

Harp to Heart
Music supplements and enhances conventional medicine with its power to touch and open our hearts where words can go no further. It transforms the moment by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort

Healing Feats Holistic Health Services
A resource for natural health enthusiasts! Info on reflexology, herbs,
iridology, colonic therapy, ear coning, find natural health training,
books, essential oils, practitioners and organizations and more.

Healing From Within
Spiritual & Crystal Healing
Karuna Reiki - DNA Activation
Orion / DNA Workshop
Crystal Workshop
Ra-Sheeba Healings

Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies
At Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies
it is our path to assist those who have the passion
and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and
soul. It is our hope and desire that these sacred
healing techniques and energies will be passed on to
others and that healing be given lovingly and openly
to all things living and with whom we share our
glorious planet.

Healing Touch

Community, Information, Resources
on Diseases, Disorders and Chronic Illness
When applied, Heal Patches warm up so as to open pores of the
skin to draw out and absorb accumulated wastes via the skin under
osmotic pressure from the blood and lymph systems.

holistic practitioners networ
A virtual holistic health care center featuring alternative health care practitioners from many fields. It includes a directory, newsletter, events calendar, as well as a glossary of therapies.
If you wish to link from your other sites, just send me the necessary linking info.

Huna healing
Huna from Hawaii - Your
best resource for Huna and complementary or alternative healing

Illuminated Healing

Joey klein
Joey is an incrediable healer,& Indgo spokesperson

Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D.
Ph.D. specialist in subconscious dynamics and international

trainer in hypnotherapy. Free newsletter.
trainer in hypnotherapy. Free newsletter.

specialist in subconscious dynamics and
trainer in hypnotherapy. Free newsletter

Opening Doorways to Heal
Change your energy � change your life! I offer Spiritual Response Therapy, Reconnective Healing�, Egyptian DNA Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique, Spiritual Activation Massage, and Star Flower Essences. Please visit Pillars of Light Center each month for classes and workshops in Orlando, Florida to empower you on your journey

Positive Health

Powerful Candle Magic Spells
Spells for Health and Healing, Love,
Serenity, Break Bad Habits, and more. Kits include
all the tools you need to achieve your heart's

Robert Drury - Gentle Healing Arts
Reiki master and alternative health practitioner,
teacher and speaker. A range of therapies available to heal and
integrate body, mind and soul. London / Yorkshire based practice. Other
locations available by appointment

Self Healing Expressions

shayna bracha farber
I am a sprirtual healer who is studying healing prayer along with
shamanic work too.

Sign Language of the Soul: A Handbook for Healing
Ancient techniques using the hands have been depicted in
various healings practices for centuries. SIGN LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL
these unique hand positions or mudras with the symbols and words of
mysticism, known as the Kabbalah. Focusing on the patterns of the Tree
Life used within the Kabbalah, Dr. Schusterman shows us how to use our
fingers and hands in key positions that will connect with the body's
energy. These movements working with focused intent will expand the
awareness and allow healing and balance to occur.

Absent healing services to resolve life challenges.
Soul mastery training, transformational products, articles, exercises

Spirit Dance Healing Center
We help you to hear the guidance of Spirit in your life. Focusing on Reiki training, healing circles, drum making, newsletters, drum circles, healing/prayer requests & more! Located in Westminster, MD, USA.

Spiritual Energy Healing
Energy & Spiritual Healing Center offers Distance Healing, Psychic
and medical intuitives. Experience lasting results and re-balancing for
mental, psychological, emotional and physical issues. Fast, effective

Spiritual Responce Theraphy

Stepping Stones
Enlightening stories and spirit encounters together with an online angel healing temple and metaphysical store.

Stuart Semple
You are seconds away from finding out how to get anything
your heart desires!
Spend some time with yourself everyday for 14 days and discover how you
manifest anything you want with the power of your mind

Teach Only Love
This site features information from Dr.Joe Crain,author & healer.

The Aurora Center
A center for physical/emotional/spiritual healing, & personal empowerment

The Aurora Center for the Healing Arts
A center for physical, emotional and spiritual healing,
personal empowerment. Aurora Center also offers Support Groups &
Counseling, Inner Child Rescue Therapy, RoHun Therapy, Past Life
Regressions, Color & Sound Healing, Trance Healing, and Brazilian Light
Energizations. Aurora Center also offers classes in spiritual
development, workshops & lectures on personal growth and empowerment,
monthly meditation and women's circles, and monthly healing
Come and experience peace of mind. Break old habits, build intimate
relationships, release pain & tension, feel spirit moving in your life
at The Aurora Center.

The Center for Attitudinal Healing
The Center for Attitudinal Healing
website provides information on attitudinal healing. The website provides information on activities and events as well as resources around the world.

The College of Botanical Healing Arts
The College of Botanical Healing Arts (COBHA) offers a
comprehensive 370-hour certification program for the study of essential
oils, herbs, and nutrition. The College is certified by the California
Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, and upon
graduation, a student is certified as an Essential Oil Therapist

The Dream Interpretation Center
Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.

The Earth Angel Connection
Personal site dedicated to the metaphysical world, energy
healing, channelling, inspirational poetry written by self and others,
crystal healing, power animals and abuse issues.

The Halls of Reiki
A great Reiki resource.

The Healing Alternative

The Healing Channel
An inner journey to discover our authentic selves
through thought
provoking topics, inspiration and fun exercises to enhance our mind,
body and soul.

The Way of Song
An icrediable site worth seeing, about using song/sound to heal

Toby Christensen
Toby is a wonderful healer using drumming/sound to create "miracle"
healing work...a must see site.

Unio Mystica Healing Center
Metaphysical Healing, Non-physical Healers & Advanced Spiritual
Technologies are used to reclaim your birthright of perfect health, vitality
and wholeness.

Universal Alliance /Enchanting Sea Dragon Healing Sanctuary
Universal Alliance incorporating Vision Quester News Agency, Phoenix
Life Poetry & Enchanting Sea-Dragon Healing Sanctuary, Cornwall, UK
A multi-facetted global network of world-servers, associations and
concerned with the transformation from "Hell or Purgatory on Earth"
into a
world of one harmonious humanity in harmony with the rest of the Sacred
Natural Creation, at all levels of body, mind, soul and spirit, on the
of the purest possible spiritual ethics of non-violence, from
socio-economics & politics to spiritual healing and self-realisation,
'seeing the whole as well as the parts'.
Our Vision Quester News Agency networks ideas and press releases
with these issues on a regular basis, like a daily news radio
Key UK activities and projects are Phoenix New Life Poetry
cultural journal established 2001 and our
"Enchanting Sea Dragon Healing Sanctuary" with its " Living The Way of

VoiceBio Energy Medicine
Let Your Voice Tell You What Your Body Knows"

Web Weavings - Mind-Body-Spirit
Offering Counseling, Reiki Training, Alternative Therapies, online Articles and Excersises for mind, body, and spirit. Healing the world begins with healing yourself!

zenith experience.

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Healing with Storytelling

International Playback Theatre Network
This organization is a worldwide network
supportive of all people
interested in Playback Theatre.

True Story Theater

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>Physician Access System and
We are a
company specializing in healthcare software that has released InTouch, a
product that allows physicians and staff to easily access patient
information using a web browser.

AED Defibrillator sells Automated External Defibrillators including
Access AED Defibrillator used to shock a patient's dying heart. offers Automated External Defibrillators including
Lifeline / Somaritan AED Defibrillator used to shock a patient's dying heart
suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest or Heart attack.

Affordable Laser
Site provides costs of laser hair removal.

Alternative Med Network
Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream offers the only precise
dosing natural progesterone with 5% Vitamin E.

Assisting You to Better Health
A Patients� self-help health website providing Experiences, Information, Support, and Services for Better Overall Health.

Astrological health
a business available for people passionate about holistic health, herbalism & our divine cosmic connection.

Beauty Products, Beauty Tips & Beauty Supplies
Providing you with an anti-aging resource that works
better than all beauty tips and most beauty products
and branded beauty supplies available on the market.

Beyond Health
Your key to health solutions

cancer gifts
Gift Baskets for Cancer Patients and Caregivers.
Providing hope, encouragement and comfort as well as inspire healing
recovery for people with Cancer and their Caregivers.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon irrigation equipment for professional & home use.
Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Courses

Constipation and Colon Cleansing Resource Center
Provides information on constipation and its treatments.
Contains over forty articles on constipation and colon cleansing

CPAP, Cpap, CPAP machines, cpap masks, cpaps, sleep apnea
CPAP World: Cpap and CPAP supplies. Cpap machines provide relief from
sleep apnea.

A natural solution for stress and depression in today's fast-track

Detox, Cleanse and Fast with Daniel Reid
Home of the Webcleanse guided detox & cleanse program with bestselling
author & detox guru Daniel Reid. Renew your lease on life - detox now
with expert guidance + support of others around the world!

Learn to take responsibility for your health today.

End Disease
Allergy elimination

Fibromyalgia Recovery Program
The Fibromyalgia Recovery Program offers a comprehensive natural approach to the complex problem of Fibromyalgia.

Glucosamine, msm, and more in arthritis
FlexEasy(tm) repairs & maintains
cartilage, fights inflammation, & has two new pain
blocking herbals all in one liquid formula for better
absorption. Don't waste your money on tablets or pills
that get flushed down the toilet.

Health & Fitness Online
Welcome to Internet Health Book/Ebook/Information Online

Improve Vision: Natural Vision Improvement
Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery

Integrative Med icineAlliance
Bringing together all the world's healing traditions.

Jon Busack, BS, NLP
Personal and Professional Development

Lynda Appell
Appell Core
DisABILITIES Resources

My Health - healthcare, supplement and wellness
: Advice and help to a good health. Supplement, medication, herbs and free ebooks.

Seasilver - The Health Discovery of the Century!

Skin Care
Provides spa quality natural anti aging skin care, acne treatment and
aromatherapy products. All hand blended in small batches for optimum
freshness. offers a 7 Day Smoke Away program - the most popular
herbal smoking cessation program on the market today!

Supreme Greens for balanced Diet
Supreme Greens with MSM formula is a power formulation of organically
grown grasses and vegetables, sprouted grains, blood purifying and
immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants

The New England School of Whole Health Education - Health
where people find expert

Worlds of Wellness"
: Iman Cosmetics and Iman Makeup are precisely formulated for black skin care. Iman Skin Care is ideal black skin care. Complete line of beauty products formulated for African American skincare

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness
Products for good health and staying fit.

Tranquil Oasis
Tranquil Oasis, LLC. was created for the sole purpose of bringing a new form of relaxation to our guests. With the use of the most recent state-of-the-art equipment and new technologies our customers can experience all the benefits of massage and aromatherapy at affordable prices.

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Health Care Products

Alternative Health & Dietary Supplement Store Natures Brands
Alternative health, an all natural supplements store with many kinds of
herbs, vitamins, calcium supplement, homeopathic, weight loss products
and skin care creams to keep your body healthy.

Calcium Factor
Buy your coral calcium supplements at Calcium

Cervical Traction Neck Pillow; Improve posture and get better sleep
Use this Neck Pillow to restore the curve in your neck. The normal cervical curve can improve your health and helps you get rid of unwanted symptoms such as neck pain and back pain; Hand Strengthening Power Putty also available

Chi Machine by Sun Anacon
Chi Machine manufacturered by Sun Anacon.

Cod Liver Oil Omega 3
Cod Liver Oil, a rich source of Omega 3, Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Colonics - Colema Board
Colonics - Colema Board Home System.

Dream Essentials - Health and Rejuvenation
Products to promote healthy sleep and relaxation. Specializes in 100%
sleep masks for ultimate comfort.

Emu Oil

Emu Oil for beautiful hair and skin. Rich source of Omega 3

Ginkgo Biloba, Brain Nutrition
Ginkgo Biloba for increase brain circulation. Improve memory.

Hairloss Treatment
Hair-friend is "Hairloss treatment in 15 days". It is an advanced combination herbal treatment for hairloss, using two mutually supportive products.

Health Care Products
Unique, high-quality, affordable health care products including fitness
equipment, foot care products, massage equipment for both professional
healthcare and personal care

Herbalife Distributor.
Herbalife Distributor. SAVE 10-15% Herbalife Weight Loss and
Nutritional Products. Lose Weight fast and safely with Herbalife's programs.
Secure online ordering, fast delivery

Improve Posture and Sleep with our Neck Pillow and Ergonomic
Get Relief from neck pain, headaches, low back pain,
tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and so much more. Back and Lumbosacral
Supports available, Wrist/Hand Products, Ankle/Foot and Cervical Neck
Supports; See why the Cervical Traction Pillow is the most recommended
pillow by chiropractors around the world.

Kill and Prevent Acne
Face-Friend is herbal treatment for Acne built into soap. If Face-Friend is used thrice a day it only takes 2 days to eliminate current acne conditions. The continues use prevents acne. It kills local acne, just before it is ready to pop up.

Lift Chairs-Recliners-Chair Lifts
Lift chair recliners by Golden at wholesale prices. Compare with
Lazyboy lift recliner chairs. Our quality liftchairs include free nationwide

We are Morinda Distributor of TAHITIAN NONI� Juice. Noni
Juice, made of Morinda Citrifolia plant may help you to take control of
your life.

The 100% pure Noni juice from Tahiti-
French Polynesia

Supreme Greens
Supreme Greens with MSM from Dr. Guerrero. A rich formulation of
organically grown grasses, vegetables and immune enhancing herbs, and
antioxidants. As Low As $32.99 Plus FREE SHIPPING

therapeutic gemstone necklaces
therapeutic gemstone necklaces work on every level�body, mind, emotions and spirit�to produce consistent and powerful benefits for their

Toenail Fungus - Buy Our Toe Nail Fungus Treatment
Treat all types of fungus including Toenail fungus,
athletes foot, and ringworm with Fungus No More

Viagra, viacream, Alura, Viacreme
Viacreme Alura - Reach orgasm more often and more quickly.
Increase your sexual sensation

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Health Insurance

$ave on health insurance w/ Policy
Unicare Health Insurance Premier agent Jeff Cline now offers Medical
Insurance, dental Insurance , life insurance, group insurance , business
insurance and senior supplemnents through Unicare.

Affordable Health Insurance Quotes
Quotes, plans, applications, and info for individuals and families in the US.

AmeriPlan USA Dental
Plans start at only $11.95 for Dental, Vision, RX and
Chiropractic. All pre-existing conditions are covered. There's no waiting
period and no deductibles. Sign up online or call toll-free

Canadian Life Insurance
Offers free quotes and information on life insurance for Canadians.

Cheap & Affordable Health Insurance
Affordable Health Insurance, Co. offers affordable quotes for health
catering to individuals and self-employed.

Dental Insurance
Get instant quotes, compare all the major plans and companies, apply
and buy online. Save money through Dental Insurance

Dental Plans
Get your Dental Insurance from Dental Plans Network

Dental Plans
Get your Dental Insurance from Dental Plans Network

Health Care and Health Plans
Find information on healthcare, health care plans,
different types of health insurance

Health Care Plus
At Health Care Plus we offer discounts and savings on health plans for medical, dental care, co-pay prescription cards, pet care, tax assistance and offering compensation plans with income opportunity as a member.

Health Insurance Quotes
provides free health insurance quotes from nationwide

Health Insurance Quotes
Get instant quotes, compare all the major plans and companies, apply
and buy online. Save money through Health Insurance

Insurance CRM and SFA solutions
Lead Organizer - Hosted CRM insurance application
services provider (ASP), --- for superior integrated management of
leads, documents and sales force automation for small and mid market
(SMB) business segment

International Insurance:
International health Insurance for individual, family, and groups
traveling and living worldwide. Instant online quotes

Life Insurance Quotes
Life insurance quotes, plans, applications, and info for individuals and families in the US.

Medicare and Medicaid
Information on Medicare and Medicaid, learn about
differences, health insurance, health care, plans

Michigan Health Insurance Quotes
Fill out one form and get several quotes for health insurance

On Healthcare
Healthcare, health insurance,
insurance quotes, health care plans.

Private Krankenversicherung
Health Insurance Quotes in Germany

The Health Insurance
Health care, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue
Cross Blue Shield. Find information on healthcare

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Herbal Products

Herbal Medicine/ Raw Foods
Herbalist, raw foods, books, articles, health, natural

Natural Health Herbal
Natural Health Herbal, Vitamin and

Nutritional Supplements, information guide for health conscious


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.auric blends.
Auric Blends - purveyors of
incense,perfume oils,henna and more

A Herbal Connection

Information on how to get natural and legal muscle building supplements

Black Cohosh Root
Black Cohosh Root Herb for Menopausal Symptoms

Blue Moon Herbals
Unique line of aroma vibrational essences, chakra oils, aura mysts, ritual bath brews, botanical body products and empowered potions inspired by nature. Our aromatic scents draw on the therapeutic & magical healing powers of pure essential oils, fragrant herbs, flower & gem essences & charged crystals. All are crafted without harm to others; in harmony with nature.Formulas that stir the spirit, soothe the soul & heal the body-this is the essence of Blue Moon Herbals.

Chinese Herbs & Co.
Reference guide for popular chinese herbs and herbal supplements. Read about herbs and herbal remedies known to build and strengthen the body!
A host of comprehensive information about stress, anxiety, depression,
panic attacks, social anxiety, ADD and other common emotional
disturbances. Learn how you can feel better with Clarocet

Echinacea Herb
Echinacea Herb, a powerful immune helper.

Healthy Heart Guide
Find out about lowering your risk of heart disease.
Covers the
risk factors to recognize and treat as well as a heart healthy diet and
exercise regimen.

Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way
Natural alternatives for women with health concerns such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, breast health and cancer prevention. Hundreds of woman-friendly links, a forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed (herbalist and author of women's health books) workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses.

Herbal Supplements Guide
Learn about herbs and herbal supplements and their
therapeutic value. Covers popular herbs, herbal benefits and the
application of herbal treatments for health and well-being
Natural Stimulants and medication Online.Natural Viagra for Men's,
Natural Viagra for Women's, Pheromones, Breast enlargement pills and more

Work From Home with Herbalife!

Herbs Can Cleanse
Herbs for detoxifying the body

Juice Plus
Juice Plus provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits,
vegetables and grains in convenient capsule form.

Korean Ginseng
Korean Ginseng by Imperial Elixir for Health and Longevity
Herbs Herbal tea remedy Alternative Medicine
Aromatherapy Herb essential oils online

At we provide pepper extract and more. We have recently
added a Directory and recipes and I would like to exchange links.

See Clear
Herbal relief for Eye Problems

Silver Sage

Sun Coast Herbs
Sun Coast Herbs sells discount specialized weight control, multi-vitamins, body building supplements and general health products.

Traditional Tibetan Herbs
Offers effective natural supplements and related health products.

Herbal remedies guaranteed safe and effective for health problems.Our
herbal remedies have helped millions improve their health. These herbal
remedies can help you too.

Willow's Grove
Homepage of herbalist, author and Druid Priestess, Ellen Evert
Hopman. On
the site you will find books, videos, tapes and links for herbal and
studies,Celtic resources, tree lore and magic.

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Home Schooling

moorefoundation.& academy
Leaders in Homeschooling Hand in hand with homeschooling parents providing individualized curriculum, educational materials, and unit studies for Homeschool along with aid in learning disabilities, and gifted education.

If you are looking for support and information on home and/or un-schooling based on a Waldorf Inspired Curriculum, you have come to the right place!

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A Serene Mind Center
Center for transformational hypnosis. Change your mind - change your life. Private sessions, tapes, and free information about Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Stress relief, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique.

Classical Homeopath, Robert Lee Dalpé, N.D.
"NATURALLY...YOU!", Homeopathic Solutions

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Doulas, Midwives, Hypnotherapists and Childbirth Educators

alchemical hypnotherapy
alchemical hypnotherapy, and how they might seed aid through this
I also devote space to spiritual counseling that I provide and
insights on a variety of topics. I closely align my understandings of
metaphysical realm with the work I do in hypnotherapy, which perhaps
me apart from many other practicioners.

American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP�.
A radical synthesis of Eastern and Western Perspectives

and Techniques applied to the art and skill of hypnotherapy.

Study with Jack Elias, author of the internationally

acclaimed book, Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP�.
and Distance Learning options. Lucid Heart� Therapy & Life Coaching.
Books,CD's, & Videos

Diane Ross
Hypnosis" and also "Past-Life Regressions," and "NLP,"

Dr.Hernani's Hypnosis web
We provide psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic help either personally or online.

Dr.Linda Rose

Hypnosis Training
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training, Homestudy Courses, Distance Learning, Psychotherapy Courses, Alternative Health, Complementary Medicine.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Courses
Learn Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training courses.

Infinity Institute International
Become certified! International memberships offered in
Infinity Institute offers classes, books, training videos and articles
on hypnosis.

Maryphyllis Horn, MEd, Shamanic and Reconnection� Practitioner,
Shamanic and spiritual counseling with primary focuses on:
Retrieval and Soul Integration, Past-Life Regression and Hypnotherapy,
Contacting Spirit Guides, Soul Diagnostic Readings. Shamanic and
spiritual healing
that includes: Shamanic healing, Genanetics, Entity Releasement. All
of these
are available in person or by phone/absentee. Reconnection�,
Healing and Weddings are available in person only.

Norma Novy

Rik Wellens
A site about life cycles, synchronicity, time integration and life

UFH Association.
.gif file, 451x53, 21k

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Income Opportunities
Income & Exhibition Opportunities

Cash Up
work at home on your home business and make money online

Free government grants and small business tips
Small business and government grants resource

Kleeneze Business Opportunity
Full information on how to start your own Kleeneze home based business
on a part-time or full-time basis

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Indgo People

Joey klein
Joey is an incrediable healer,& Indgo spokesperson

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123 Geetings
Inspirational greetings

Inspirational/Quotes & more
Quotes for a Just About Perfect Life"

Self Improvement, Inspiration, Happiness
Self Improvement Zone is a membership site dedicated
to making self improvement your most gratifying, fascinating and
liberating journey ever

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Egyptian Jewelry
Egyptian Jewelry Islamic Jewelry Bedouin Jewelry Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Silver Gold Pendant Earring Ring bracelet bangle necklace chain gemstone personalized Jewelry Gifts

Egyptian Jewelry Egyptian Gifts at A1handmade
Egyptian Jewelry Egyptian Gifts Egyptian cartouche Egyptian Papyrus Egyptian pendants Silver Gold Cartouche Egyptian Perfume Bottles Alabaster

therapeutic gemstone necklaces work on every level�body, mind, emotions and spirit�to produce consistent and powerful benefits for their users

NumerCharms Numerology Jewelry
Your online store for beautiful and unique Numerology
Jewelry. What's Your Number? Find out at

Sterling silver jewelry ring
Special edition product wholesale sterling silver jewelry
rings necklaces charms and more from Bali

Sterling silver jewelry wholesale
Special edition product wholesale sterling silver jewelry
rings necklaces charms and more from Bali

wholesale sterling silver jewelry
Wholesale sterling silver jewelry rings necklaces charms and
more from Bali

Wholesale Sterling silver jewelry
Special edition product e-retail & wholesale sterling silver
jewelry rings necklaces charms and more from Bali

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Noni Juice New Zealand
Pure Pacific Island noni juice, certified organic, processed in New
Zealand, free deliveries worldwide for natural effective herbal treatment

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Raleigh Trial Lawyers
The Raleigh law firm of Allen L. Broughton, P.C.
individuals in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims
from car or truck accidents, defective products, medical malpractice,
nursing home neglect, premises accidents and toxic substances

Tampa Accidental Injury, Criminal Defense, and Business Law
Florida Accidental Injury, Criminal Defense, Dog Bites,
Home Abuse, Slip-n-Fall, Wrongful Death, and Product Liability Case,
represented with over 50 years combined experience- KFBLAW.COM

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Life Coaching

Everything you need to know about life coaching! Find a coach and learn
how to be a coach.

A Natural

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Home Loans
Guaranteed lowest cost Home Equity Loans.

Mortgage 1st can provide you a free consultation on
how you may be eligible for a mortgage loan for a new home, how to
refinance your current mortgage, or use your home equity for a debt
consolidation loan.

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Martial Arts

Kung Fu And Martial Arts Supply
this is online store about kung fu.

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Crystal Tatum
Massage tables Chairs and more

Directory of Massage Therapists
A large directory of massage proffesionals thruout the U.S.

Ged Quayle Massage Therapist
Ged Quayle Massage Therapist in Liverpool,U.K.

Here's The Rub Massage Equipment
Sells quality massage tables, massage chairs and accessories from leading 4 massage equipment manufacturers. Also available are linens, massage oils, massage creams, new age music, instructional videos & books, charts and tools. Great prices and same day shipping on in-stock items. Online customer support available

International Thai Therapists Association
Thai Massage and Yoga related massage therapy techniques,
may be the best answer to pain and suffering! Find Thai Massage
resources, Certified practitioner's, Courses, Books, Video's, Cd's,
Posters,Calendar's, Genuine Thai Mat's, eBooks, and more.

Las Vegas Massage

Manchester School of Massage
Holistic Therapy Courses, Holistic Treatments, Therapy Couches and Gift Vouchers - Manchester UK

Massage Chairs
Popular Massage Chairs - Experience Ultimate Shiatsu Massage Chairs at the lowest prices. We are also a great resource for all your health, massage and information kneads! Come on by and pull up a chair in the best massage chair manufactured. It's no wonder why we are so Popular!

massage chairs
We offer the biggest selection of any massage chairs on the market. They range from Omega, Popular, Panasonic, Interactive Health, Acutec and many others.

Massage Doula
Massage Doulas are Certified Massage Therapists who have completed advanced certification in prenatal massage, post partum massage, labor, delivery support and infant massage.

Massage Mag
All about medical massage and healthcare. How to make massage. Order
massage therapy by professional massagist.

massage therapy, & more
We are your guide to massage therapy schools,
supplies and resources online

Offering Heated
Stones, Hot Stone Massage Therapy Seminars, heated stone manicure,
and facial seminars and other unique products and services for massage

Massage therapy training.

Paule Attar Salon & Spa - Day Spa, Hair Salon Massage Parlor in
A luxury day spa and beauty salon in Seattle Washington
offering massage, hair care, make-up, waxing, facials and nail

Popular Massage Chairs
Popular Merchandise, Inc. manufactures the world-renowned,industry leading �Popular� Massage Chairs

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Bart
Traditional Thai Massage in
Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Ultimate Water Massage, Inc.

Wholesale massage chairs.
WholesaleMassageChairs is the Web�s Premiere
Wholesale Outlet for Popular Shiatsu Massage Chairs
Web sites and client E-newsletters for the massage and bodywork community with world-class service, web programming and a price that makes sense.

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Massage Products

The Massage Garden
Offering products to help
you run your massage business more efficiently and market your practice
more successfully.

Back tools

Massage Chair Review
We are one of the only companies that sells massage chairs from every
country, Twain, Japan, and China. We specialize in shiatsu massage

Massage Chairs
Hitech Massage Chairs distributes the industry leading
�Popular� Massage Chairs.

Massage Chairs
Your Stress Management Product Guide. How to find quality indoor waterfalls, massage chairs, relaxation audio and more

Massage Chairs
We specialize in selling massage chairs to help relieve stress,
tension, and back pain relief.

Thomas E. Terlikowski, Pres.
We sell pillows, cushion, bolsters, "Neck Noogies" tm,
have a massage therapy clinic, and a conference room to fit 30 people

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Medical Billing

G&G; Medical Billing and Medical Practice Management Solutions
G&G; is a full service medical practice management
providing medical billing, funds recovery, and operations consulting to
physician's and medical practices. The company has clients nationwide
can be an asset to any medical practice that wishes to outsource

Medical Billing
Medical Billing Services for Healthcare Providers. Our Online Billing
Systems are Secure, Inexpensive and Easy-To-Use.

Medical coding services Medical billing Online courses
Medical coding,medical billing,medical billing online courses,medical billing course,medical billing courses,medical billing services,medical coding services,medical coding and billing,medical billing and coding courses,medical coding and billing courses online at MedBooks.


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Medical Equipment

Electric Scooters
Authorized Pride and Golden electric mobilty scooter dealer. All
electric scooters are shipped freight free. Pride electric scooters come with
free 1yr in-home service contract. Many styles of power scooters to
choose from. Open 7 days

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Medical Intuitives

Body, Mind & SoulHealer - Rediscover Your Wholeness
Author and SoulHealer Dr. Rita Louise, ND is an expert at working
with issues that affect the physical, emotional and spiritual
bodies. Dr. Louise is a naturopath, medical intuitive,
professional clairvoyant, mind-body healer and herbal

Caroline Sutherland
A medical Intuitive for over 20 years,read her book "The Body Knows"

Cathy Pfeil
A wonderful woman with a great gift of healing

Dr. Hesse
Dr. Hesse is an incrediable healer with degrees in Chiropratice,vibrational medicine,nutrition,and more.
Dr.Hesse is president of the International Association of Medical Intuitives.

International Asso. of Medical Intuitives
a non profit international organization,that promotes & educates the public on the use of medical intuitives in the health care community. Also has a directory of Medical intuitives.

Medical Intuitive Medium
Ruth Berger, medical intuitive, past life regressionist,
is a
practicing psychic in Evanston, IL and an international authority in
the field
of ESP

Wendy Marks
Providing Medical Intuition,
Energy Healing and Integrative Therapy

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Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies
Medical Supplies-Electric Wheelchairs-Adjustable Beds-Stair Lifts-Lift
Chairs-Electric Scooters-Geriatric Chairs-ADL-Durable Medical
Equipment-Hip Chairs-Exam Tables. Our wholesale prices include free nationwide

WheelChairs 101 - Best selection and discount prices
Wheelchairs - Worlds best prices on electric wheelchairs,
electric wheelchair lifts, vertical lifts, wheelchairs, and electric
wheelchair accessories.

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Global Meditations Network
Barbara Wolf is founder of this extensive network that works
to bring
Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth and humanity.
All are welcome to join, free. The web site is continually updated and
extensive links.

Leaning Meditation

The World Wide Online Meditation Center
The World Wide Online Meditation Center is a user-friendly site, created to provide clear, straight-forward meditation instruction to people anywhere on the planet.

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Baby Shower and New Mom Personalized Gifts
The next time you're looking for a creative idea for a baby shower, or
an unusual shower or new mom gift consider a diaper cake or a
personalized silver mother's name bracelet

Infertility & Fertility
India based Infertility Clinic offers Information on Male, Female Fertility Treatment. Also offers IVF treatment and donor egg program

moms on the web

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Ancient Future: World Music Online
THE site for the world music movement, hosted
by the #1 Net World Music Group, Ancient Future. Features include
traditional world music education, world music and dance forums,
world music e-commerce, world music and dance links page, FREE MP3
files, and MIDI files of world drum grooves.

Collected Dreams
A wonderful collection of traditional Scottish, Irish, and
classical melodies that combines the lush sound of the euphonium with
synthesizer accompaniments in a New Age vein. Titles include: Danny
Arioso, Shenandoah, Last Rose of Summer, Ye Banks and Braes, Ave Maria,
Yandro, The Swan, O Waly Waly, Shall We Gather at the River, and

Crystal Vibrations Music
Description: Singing Crystal bowl sales, information, CD's, Concerts,
Workshops. Home of the Crystal Vibrations - Music for meditation,
relaxation and spiritual awareness. Classes on healing and spiritual
being by spiritual medium, Rev. Elivia Melodey.

Erik Berglund
An angelic voice & music

Kriztal Entertainment
Relaxed and chilled out lounge music for your lifestyle

LazyCats Records
LazyCats Records is a CD duplication, replication, distribution and producer services company .

Makoch� is a music company inspired by ancient traditions.
name Makoch� (ma.ko.chay) comes from the Lakota word for the earth;
The word makoche refers to the land, all that is in it and the
interdependency among all living things. The music presented by Makoch�
influenced by Native American culture; both traditional and

Native Flute Music by Marina Raye
Music for healing and celebrating our connection with Mother Earth �The Feminine Voice of the Native

New Age Music for Meditation
Ambient Moods - New Age Music for Meditation, Yoga,
Chakra, Slow Breathing, Fractals, Nature, including
some royalty free. All with Online Demonstrations and

Nova Disc CD-replication, cd-business cards, dvd-replication, printing,
Nova Disc provides cd-replication,
dvd-replication, cd-business cards, cd-rom replication, dvd-rom
replication, video-duplication, and printing


Seattle Guitarist/ Composer Antony De Gennaro
Inspired Acoustic & Electric Guitar Magic

Music to Awaken the Heart

Silver Stream of Consciousness
Elaine has a wonderful voice

The Best Music You Never Heard
This site is dedicated to giving the musical artist that the
established music industry has thrown away a venue to get his work the masses of

Vicki Logan

WM-MW network
Listen to the WM-MW Radio Network at:
which can be opened using an mp3 player such as Winamp or iTunes

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Musical Instruments

Sunreed World Musical Instruments
Sunreed Instruments offers a wide variety of quality hand made bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones and clarinets, Native American flutes and drums, didgeridoos, drums and musical instruments of the world.

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Native American Resources

Hand-crafted Cherokee Medicine Jewelry for personal development,
healing & protection. Fast-reader pendulums for dowsing. Subtle
energy tools. Original angel & fairy art. Miracle II Soap
products� and much more!

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Natural Products

Veriuni Products Store is your resource for knowledge on healthy living and tips to ensure the safety of your children, family members and office colleagues.

Clean Air 4 Life Air Purifiers
- Offering air purifiers and water purifiers with state of the art technology to eliminate toxins, contaminants and odors in your home, business or travel environment.

Dakara Kies Co. ~ Holistic Products for Health
Healthy Coffee with the Ganoderma Mushroom extract! Helps detox and
Balance the body. The Masters Miracle products, use to restore your
body and eliminate toxins & balance your pH. Ear Candles, Flower Essences,
Pet Calm.

Dead Sea Products
Natural Care & Beauty Products from the Dead Sea

Dr Sears OmegaRx Fish Oil
Information and products from Dr. Barry Sears including OmegaRx Fish
Oil Supplements, Omega Rx Zone Diet and Sea Health Plus. Products that
support a healthy heart, brain, joints, immune system and mood

Independent Herbalife Distributors
Directory of Herbalife distributors. Business
opportunities available.

Kontaktlinsen Contor - farbige Contactlinsen
German online shop of replacement soft contact lenses.

Natural Hair Care & Skin Care
offers natural hair care and skin care products: shampoos, conditioners
for every hair type and styles, natural formula for hair loss, acne

Nature Down Under/Sonchelle
Natural products, avocado nourishing cream, natural healing creams, pure natural ingredients, natural skin care.

Olive Leaf Extract D-Lenolate
Olive Leaf Extract D-Lenolate by East Park Research

Oregano Oil
Oregano Oil manufacturered by North American Herb & Spice Co.

Skin Care Products by Herbal Luxuries
Variety of natural hair, body and skin

> care products made with natural and organic

> ingredients. Anti-aging and acne skin care products

> and treatments for all skin types.

Supreme Green Product
Organically grown green vegetables, herbs, grasses and grains provide
you with the nutritional value of 2lbs of fresh vegetables. Dr. Alex
Guerrero formula - as seen on TV.

Treecycle Recycled Paper and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products."

Weight Loss Review
Reviews of most weight loss diets, contains a
selection of tools and a forum

White Buffalo Beads and Stones

Wysong Online Store
An Amazing online store with lots of stuff.

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Nautical Resource Center
Your number one resource for Titanic and Nautical
related articles, pictures, groups, and general free information.

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Nursing Nursing Jobs
Nursing Jobs, Nursing Positions and Hospital Recruiters -

Travel Nursing
Procare USA, a national healthcare staffing company, specializes in placing RNs and LPNs on travel and permanent nursing assignments primarily in acute and sub-acute care hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States

Travel Nursing
Procare USA, a national healthcare staffing company, specializes in placing RNs and LPNs on travel and permanent nursing assignments primarily in acute and sub-acute care hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States

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Nutritional Health

A Natural Way

all star health
Great prices for creatine
and atkins advantage bars

Best Nutritional Vitamin Supplements and Home Based Business
We pride ourselves in offering the best nutritional supplements,
information and great home based business ideas.

Cyber Supplements for promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
Cyber Supplements is the premier online provider of nutritional
supplements, health information and alternative nutraceuticals. We provide you
with the latest popular supplements.

Cyber Supplements the Future Of Health
The premier online center for nutritional supplements and all-natural

Dr. Hesse
Dr. Hesse is an incrediable healer with degrees in Chiropratice,vibrational medicine,nutrition,and more.
Dr.Hesse is president of the International Association of Medical Intuitives.

Lycopene Antioxidant
Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant from tomatoes.

Natural Health, Herb, Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements
information guide for health conscious consumers

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid, EPA, DHA richly found in Fish Oils

Great tasting whole food supplement.

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Nutritional Products

100% Pure Noni Juice!
Pure Noni juice from the Cook Islands, certified organic,
processed in New Zealand. Free delivery worldwide! Best prices on the
net, for natural effective herbal treatment

Nutritional Products
All major brands of vitamins, minerals and herbs

Ultra Refined Fish Oil
See Yourself Well� - 60% Omega-3, remaining 40% made
up of other fatty acids. Find out how to improve your health today!

Ultra Refined Fish Oil - Omega-3
Purchase Ultra Refined Fish Oil here, and compare prices
with our competitors.

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All Organic Directory
The largest directory of Organic links in the world

Eco Baby
A wonderful site for all things organic for babys

enchanted foods
Enchanted Foods: We are dedicated to bringing you delightfully tasty,
oraganic products, full of natural flavors, zest and great nutrition

Organic Directory
A fantastic directory of organic information.

Valley Farms

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The Directory for Complementary Therapists
in the Capital, also running monthly certified workshops in Indian Head
Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Reiki 1 & 2.

American Association of Drugless Practioners

Academy of Lymphatic Studies
Certification Classes in Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete
Lymphedema Management Materials

Altmedschools: Educational Resource for schools of Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and More
Info on tuition costs, program length and eligibility can be obtained directly from multiple schools listed just by filling one form

American Holistic Health Asso.
Empowering Health Consumers

Angel Academy
A happy site devoted to angel lovers, the study of
spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. The
world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct
communication with his or her angels and guides. Why not
you? Why not now?

Cosmic Mysteries
Cosmic Mysteries School

Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic
International mystery school offering magic and shamanism courses via teleconference, online, self-study and apprenticeship programs. Our courses teach magic and shamanism as a reliable, precise hard science. Many resources available for all levels of practitioners. Also free ezine available.

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Graphic Design Schools
Budding graphic designers can visit this resource to find information about schools that offer graphic design training.

Home Study Institute
Learn massage Aromatheraphy & more. Check out this site.

International Kinesiology College
We are a global organization dedicated to our three-fold mission of WORLD PEACE, GLOBAL HEALING and the UPLIFTMENT OF HUMANITY through spiritual practice based on universal laws.

Massage Therapy School
Professional massage therapy school in Orange, California. Providing
massage therapy courses and training to be certified in California

Medical intuitive Education
Offers training in Medical Intuiition.

Medical Intuitives
An international organization of medical intuitives.

Metaphysical Research Society
The Metaphysical Research Society is a non profit group which presents speakers each month on a wide variety of subjects & serves a a networking source for local channelers,healers,& psychics.

Natural Health Resource Alliance
N.H.R.A was formed to bring practioners of holistic or complementary health care togeather to serve as an educational resource for the public,an provide a list of said practioners in the northern Idaho,
an Spokane wa. areas.

New Civilization Network

Spirit in Action Center
Located in Tucson, Arizona, Spirit in Action Center was created to fulfill the need for a centralized resource for information on spirituality, metaphysical studies, and health and wellness.

Spiritual Healers SHES
SHES is an church/religious organization of healers through out the united states.

The Option Institute
The International Learning and Training Center for The Option Process, offering personal growth programs to help people maximize their happiness.

Vision 2012
A new vision for the future of the world

wilderness awareness
Wilderness Awareness School is dedicated to caring for the earth and our children by fostering understanding and appreciation of nature, community and self

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Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion is the Web's largest supernatural
with an extensive library of personal encounters, ghost pictures,
boards, ghost chat, and in-depth articles on the paranormal
Articles & more on paranormal matters

Wejee's free psychic readings!
It has automated tarot, runes, i-ching, numerology etc., and it's
designed for fun

1,000,000 Paranormal Links

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Parenting 4 Real Success

Parenting with Spirit
Parenting with Spirit is a website of intelligent resources for families. It includes 23 back issues of the magazine Parenting with Spirit. One subscriber said of this magazine, "I feel like a better parent just holding this magazine in my hands!" All the issues are $5 (in the US) plus shipping ($10 international)--while supplies last. Act Now before they are gone. The website also includes information on Judith Costello's book Healing Arts for Kids and her new book (with co-author Jurgen Haver) Zen Parenting (available spring 2004 from Robins Lane Press.)

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Personal Chef

Jet Chef
Jet is a nickname of Owner/Chef Juliet Parkin. She graduated Northern AZ University with a BS in Hospitality Management and also holds a culinary arts degree from Western Culinary Institute. Most recently Juliet owned and operated the Coeur d'Grain Bakery in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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Pilates & Pilates Exercise Equipment
We offer the straight facts in a
clear, friendly manner for people of all levels of interest and ability
related to Pilates exercise

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Psychic Network


Clairvoyant Healer and Psychic - Martin Duxbury
Intuitive Psychic readings and energy work, in person and
telephone. Also workshops - develop those special gifts of yours! The
answers you seek are available, the help you need is there, just reach
it! Kind and Understanding.

Rev. Fred Sterling channels the master guide Kirael who has come to provide direction for the Great Shift. Primary focus: the upliftment of humanity through spiritual practice based on universal laws.

Lost & Found Psychic Readings
Linda Dalton is an authentic psychic counselor. Gain spiritual insight tempered with practical advice.

Network 2012
An international communications hub for linking up Light Workers around the world.

The Psychics Mall is a top psychic site on Google under "psychics" and "online psychics".
If you have an appropriate PSYCHIC or NEW AGE site, I would like to exchange links with you.

Psychics and Mediums Network

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Blooming Rose Press.
Mount Shasta, California-based wisdom forum site featuring an array of essays on topics of awareness, spiritual evolution, teaching events, and more. Featuring wisdom-focused evolutionary fiction portrayed in The Third Verse Trilogy, by Lily G. Stephen.

Books written by clairvoyant Laurie Conrad.

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Real Estate

All About Colorado Springs Real Estate
Complete source for Colorado Springs real estate and relocation

Century 21 Realty U.K.
All the best property links on the web

Century U.K.
property links

DAK Realty
DAK Realty has been successfully servicing the South Florida Real
Estate market for over 5 years providing the best Florida Real Estate and
corporate housing, vacation rental, apartment and hotel rentals

FSBO Homes in Boulder Colorado
For sale by owner home listings in the Boulder Colorado area.

Home Loans, Mortgage Loans, Mortgages
Mortgage rates, mortgage loans, home mortgages, building
equity, home equity, and more.

No Equity? No Problem! Equity Loans up to 125% of your home's value.

Palm Springs, Desert Cities Home Search & Golf Guide
All the newest listings in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding
desert cities email to you.

Small business for sale listings buy sell business
Small business for sale listings, small businesses for sale by owner,
franchise and business opportunities, business brokers, and tips for
selling a business or buying a small business at Bizquest

Sunbelt Business Brokers Los Angeles CA Businesses for Sale
Sunbelt Business Brokers of Southern California helps with selling a
business or buying a business or franchise business opportunity
businesses for sale. We offer a free business valuation and business for sale

West Palm Beach county home builder new homes realtor
Palm Beach Real Estate Company providing buyer and seller services in,
Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Palm
Beach Gardens and Lake Worth.

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The Universal Healing Sanctuary

Accredited Reflexology courses in South Africa as well as healing
treatments Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head and shoulders massage. Other
courses in Reiki, Indian head and shoulders massage, Shiatsu chair

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.Idaho Reiki organization
A list of the Reiki practioners in the state of Idaho.

All About Reiki,QiGong, Magnetism
Web site dedicated to the practice and the teaching of
reiki, qigong, Magnetism. All on Reiki: Reiki History, reiki and qigong
Philosophy, reiki and qigong Practice, Training courses, Conferences,
Books, Videotapes, reiki and qigong workshop

All About reiki,qigong, magnetism on is dedicated to the practice and
the teaching of reiki, QiGong, Magnetism. All on Reiki: reiki history,
Reiki Philosophy, ReikiPractice, Training courses, Conferences, Books
reiki and qigong.

Angelic Touch Reiki
Reiki healing, healing with energy not drugs. Located in Vermont and Massachusetts, Reiki classes and sessions with Traditional Reiki Master Marybeth McKinnon Lang R.N.

Light for spiritual beings on their human journey ~
Angeltouche offers Angel readings, angel classes, spirit workshops,
Reiki,Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression
and New Age products and gifts.

better healing.

Centers for Gayatri Reiki
Learn How To Manifest Your Greatest Desires while increasing your healing powers as a Gayatri Reiki Master Teacher thru ancient mantra yantra technology and our proprietary Mother's Temple Cosmology.

Creative minds Unlimited
Reiki, Herbs and Healing Information and classes on complimentary and alternative medicine or CAM. Continuing Education Credits available for Nurses, Massage Therapist and other health care workers.

Directory of Reiki Practitioners / Therapists.
A resource list of Reiki trainers, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors

Gateway to Healing Reiki with Beth Simmons Stapor
Beth Simmons Stapor is a Usui, Tibetan, Karuna and Rainbow Reiki
>Teacher. She teaches courses in England and the United States. Beth
>focuses on bringing the whole body into harmony and balance through a
>variety of Reiki techniques and counseling.

Halls of Reiki
A wonderful Reiki site.

International House of Reiki
Frans and Bronwen Stiene
Reiki Master/Teachers Usui Reiki Ryoho Authors of The Reiki Sourcebook

International Reiki Asso
The International Association of Reiki offers wisechoices in holistic training.

Lightplanet Reiki Portal
Attunments in various styles of Reiki and another

Martha - Reiki Master
Reiki training & healings

Bob king is a Reiki Master & Autuning professional

Onegoddessway:Hot Rock Massage with ReikiRocks - Rocks with

ReikiRocks for Hot Rock Massage in Home Spa Collections
everthing you need to get started. Award Winning Site with EZ on-line
education and guided meditation rooms. Learn to use rock energy for
management. Your on-line guide to peace and tranquility." Pro Shop for
Massage Therapists in the Online Store.

Radiant Spirit

Reiki Music
Reiki Music designed for healing positions at 3 or 6
minute lengths - Audio Demonstrations available.

Reiki Blessings Academy
Home study courses in Holistic Healing for the Body,Mind, & Spirit.

Reiki Chariot Singapore
Aromatherapy, Reiki workshops and therapies by qualified aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher trained in USA.

Reiki Evolution
Visit the Reiki Evolution site for free Reiki guides, a free newsletter
to read inspiring Reiki articles. Download Reiki manuals and self-help
guides, follow our multimedia home study courses, or train live with
team of teachers throughout the UK.

Reiki Healers/Boise,ID
Reiki Healers of Boise State University
Healers united to bring reiki into the community
Clinics, workshops, attunments, etc. available.

Reiki Healings
I'm a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing
Miami Florida I, offer proper training as well as Reiki healings

Reiki Rays Institute of Spiritual growth
Distance education for mind-body-spirit integration

Reiki Ryoho Pages by Adonea
Reiki Ryoho Resources, Techniques, Classes and Manuals. One of the most comprehensive and extensive webpages about Reiki and Reiho on the internet

Reiki treatments in Berkshire and Worldwide Reiki Training
I offer Reiki treatments in Maidenhead, Berkshire and Reiki training courses in person in Maidenhead and distance training courses worldwide. There is also a forum on my website to ask any questions or post interesting articles.

Reiki With Trust LLC - Distance Energy Healing
Reiki distance healing is remote energy healing.
Access the trusted and powerful energy of Reiki from the comfort of
home. Reiki energy can be directed to help special events, test
stress, depression, health issues and so much more. Single event, 14
day and
30 day remote energy healing sessions

reikiassociation UK
Reik Association in the United Kingdom

Stephen Richard Womack, BA (Hons.), MA
Reiki Master Threshold Reiki Master Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan etc.
The Reiki Method - Trainings in Reiki and associated modalities

The International Association of Reiki and Mari Hall
: and International Association of Reiki's founder and director Mari Hall has established a number of educational programs that can help you to move into a peaceful, less stress filled life. To recapture the magic of living and creating fully out of the center of you. We here are dedicated to the use of wisechoices in the creation of peace. Some wisechoices are Reiki and The Eagles Path training programs.

The Universal Healing Sanctuary
Accredited Reflexology courses in South Africa as well as healing
treatments Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head and shoulders massage. Other
courses in Reiki, Indian head and shoulders massage, Shiatsu chair

Threshold Reiki
Live Classes and Distant Training

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Related Websites

Reverend JoAnne aka Dove is a healer, conscious channel, empath, usui
reiki master, medical intuitive, spiritual medium, author and soul
energy artist.

A Guiding Light
The content is information about Reiki, Spiritual Surgery including
Toxicity release, Magnussa Phoenix Reiki and other bits and pieces from my own point of view. All info taken from other sites has been linked back to the
Check it out yourself properly.

Ancient Mysteries
Ancient Mysteries from Earth and Space

Building Self Esteem
Building self esteem and self confidence with tips, free courses, recommended books and lots more!

Cat Saunders, Ph.D.
Home of Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook.

Earth Transitions
This site is dedicated to exploring the current revolution of consciousness, a Renaissance of the human spirit, as the planet moves into higher vibrational frequencies embracing newer world views of interrelationship and interconnectedness of All Life. This site focuses on both inner and outer "technologies" which are bringing about this tremendous planetary shift.

Express Your Soul

Grief Healing

Growing Taller Techniques
Grow taller and increase height through #1 growing taller

Hair Loss Info.
A noncommerical site with information on hair loss.

Jon Busack, BS, NLP
Personal and Professional Development

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
A Las Vegas wedding at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, the Princess chapel
in Las Vegas offers traditional, Jewish, gazebo and Viva Las Vegas
weddings. Tuxedo and gown rentals available

Lynda J Cowen

Marlens Insights
Marlene is a world renound psychic and has been a working professional
just over 40years. She is also a spiritual psychic healer, a Reiki
Herbalist, Hypnotherapist and a great lover of animals (especially

New age thought/wisdom

Soul BannerNetSoul BannerNet
Soul BannerNet

Spirit Dimension

Spirit Source
Spirit Source is an inspirational site featuring articles on a wide variety of New Age topics, including Indigo children, Starseeds, Lightworkers, and more.

The 7th Fire

The Academy of Intergalactic Science and Wisdom
The Academy of Intergalactic Science and Wisdom featuring the interdimensional accelerators and teachings of Bryan de Flores. Also included Crystal Skulls from Atlantis, The Sacred Geometry of Christ, The Golden Age Business Plan and The Destiny Symbol.

The Order of Time
The Order of Time ( is a partcipation-platform/startingpoint dedicated to the science, politics, spirituality, personal interest, art and surfing of an alternative time-consciousness; it includes a humanities linking-library, spiritual/vedic e-literature, a graphic guide, designs, science-pages, a political manifesto, a searching-system, music-pages and more..

The Sacred Labyrinth

Universal Flow

Virtue Science - 'My Pathways'
the foremost directories of QUALITY psychics, ethical mediums, astrologers, tarot readers, spiritual coaches, healers etc. on the Internet

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Retreat Centers/Spas

Insel Haus Island Retreat Center
Insel Haus is an affordable world class retreat center situated on
Bois Blanc Island in the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan. It is
one of the most beautiful and captivating retreat center locations
North of the equator.

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Retreat Centers


OneBreath and Dolphin Journeys
Our retreat center is located on 40 pristine acres in Hawaii

Panacea de la Monta�a - Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
Panacea de la Monta�a is an intimate Yoga Retreat and Spa located in beautiful western Costa Rica, near Tamarindo. Offers yoga, meditation, healing arts, life planning, and other vacation getaway activities to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit for individuals and groups. Facilities also available for yoga, healing arts and alternative health instructors to conduct their own classes and workshops in a magnificently serene setting.

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Shamanic Healing

The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and flowering tree and other shamanic ceremonial rituals

Jenny Ray
Jenny Ray practices
and teaches a method of Shamanism as it relates to
the use of hot stones for massage.

Adding these ancient spiritual practices to your
stone massage treatments can be amazingly
powerful. You will enjoy this informative and
intelligent approach to the original stone treatment
process discovered by ancient peoples of earth.

World of The Spiritwalker
A Spiritual-Shamanic site of teaching, healing, and channeled works.

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Shopping - Buy area Rugs factory
Your leading source for discount area
rugs and cheap area rugs bedspreads and other home
furnishings at below wholesale prices


1st Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings
One of a kind sterling silver jewelry and Gold Rings, Charms and
necklace and more from the island of the Gods Bali. A masterpiece of its

As featured on ABC News a great new breakthrough that repairs your immune system great for people with Aids, Cancer, Sars and anyone else who wants to live a happy and healthy life!

21 Kitchen Design Secrets provides information about choosing the best design
for your kitchen as well as an overview of the kitchen industry.

: ProductMax USA Online SuperStore
Online Superstore with the most innovative products. We offer Never Seen products, wireless electronics, digital cameras, mp3, gifts, recreational goods, as seen on tv and much more

A Golf Shop
Quality golfing equipment at exceptional prices.

A Lingerie Store
Sexy lingerie at the best prices.

A Poster Store
Thousands of posters to buy online

Abyss Distribution $ AzureGreen
One of the largest Metaphysical, Witchcraft and Pagan Suppliers on the internet, we offer 3 day worldwide shipping and reducing shiping costs to all foreign wholesale accounts, No minimum order required. Free Catalog.

Accessories.all4Sale Now

Adjust-A-Bed: Electric Adjustable Bed Manufacturers since 1951, factory
direct, free delivery, free in-house setup, 60 money back guarantee

Air Care Electrostatic Filters
Providing Quality Electrostatic air conditioning/furnace filters with
anti-microbial media. We offer a lifetime warranty and free shipping

All products As SEEN on TV
Ultimate HGH, Ionic Breeze, Lateral Thigh Trainer, Coral Calcium, Straight to The MAXX, Bare Minerals, Cybersonic, Body Dome, Power Juicer, Motor Millions, HGH

Alternative Market Place

Animal Slippers
From dog slippers to gorilla slippers.
carries a wide array of slippers for anyone in the entire family.

Antiaging supplements

Health and beauty - dietary supplements, antioxidants -

APEC reverse osmosis water filters systems
Largest online supplier of premium drinking water systems by healthy
reverse osmosis. Say good-bye to bottled water! ALso manufactures
whole-house water filters and shower filters for health


Aqua Chi Machine

Aquasana Store
Aquasana Store offers the finest water and shower filters by Aquasana
discounted prices.

Aromatheraphy oils

Athena's Garden
A wonderful site by dear friend Jean Alley...

Awakening Spirit
Aromatheraphy,oils & more.

Babies & Kids Coupons
Offers coupons, deals and shopping discounts for online

Ultimate online retailer of high quality cookware and kitchen products and accessories

Send exotic Flower bouquet Rose Romantic Gift Basket on Christmas
Birthday thanksgiving Anniversary Funeral at LOW COST in USA &

Beauty Products by Folica
Professional beauty supply specializing in hair removal, hairstyles, hair loss treatments, hair care and nail care.



Buy Printer Ink Cartridges
source for HP Epson Lexmark Canon ink cartridges, cheap ink laser toner
cartridges, discount inkjet cartridges, discount copier toners and
printer ink cartridge refill kits


Candles Candles Candles!
the Internet's LARGEST candle site

Car Shopping
a automotive and car related links

car splace.
All the best car links on the web

Castle Print

cd's. for sale Outdoor and Patio Furniture Designs craftsmen are specialists in western red cedar outdoor
furniture, patio furniture and porch swings which allows them to focus
their craft on wooden garden furniture, handcrafted patio furniture and
eloquent outdoor furniture that includes rocking gliders, glider
chairs, Adirondack chairs,Designer Bridges and porch swings

Cheap Business Cards
Design your business cards online or upload your own design. Fast, easy
and fun!


Circuit Wizard
Connecticut�s Home Technology Provider

Circuit Wizard � Connecticut�s Home Technology Provider
Home lighting control, whole house audio, home entertainment system.
Home automation systems, structured wiring & home networking for
homeowners in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Clip Art

Clip Art World
cliparts, gifs, funny videos, online games, fun, Cartoon, Comics,
buttons, hp sets

Specializes in closeouts, liquidations, bulk wholesale, surplus,
overstocks, cancellations and store returns.
We are one of the largest Closeout and Liquidation companies in the



contact lenses-
Contact Lenses and Sunglasses for Health, Beauty and Vision Correction

:An Eclectic Blend of Health & Beauty set in a Forum of
Art & Body

Craftsell Craft Marketplace
Turn your crafts into cash! Handmade children's clothing, basket
crafts, candle art, ceramic art, gift baskets, jewelry craft, quilt art,
handmade wedding and bridal, floral art, folk art, personalized crafts,
painted art, quilting, wood crafts and much more!

CustomerClub Canada is a website
showing Canadians how to save money with their
business, personal, auto, travel, entertainment,
home and leisure expenses.

Dance the Spiral
Jewerly, Music & more.

Deal - Coupon
save everywhere you go

Deals and products
1-stop solution to all your software needs including mail server,
dynamic dns, internet sharing, web mail server, anti spam, email management,
computer virus protection, and more from


Designer Handbags
Factory Brand carries a vast inventory of fun and fresh fashion accessories.As our collections are updated and new designs roll in, tons of inventory goes on sale everyday. We are a factory, a unit that designs, manufactures, and retails our very own merchandise


Diamonds at #1 Diamond Source
Wholesale diamonds sold loose, in diamond engagement
rings and earrings online from the source.

Diecast Model Cars
Precision made car models.

Disc Golf - Ultimate Frisbee Golf
Disc golf accessories, bags all your ultimate frisbee equipment from
one source.

Discount Inks - sells Canon Epson Lexmark HP Ink cartridges
retails printer ink cartridges for Canon Epson HP Lexmark printers at
discounted prices. 100% money back guarantee

Dog Beds
An online directory of dog beds where you can search
through many different brand
names and hundreds of designer dog beds.

Donovan Industries Dawn Mist
DawnMist is one of the top institutional brands available today

A wide variety of dreamcatchers, mandellas, indian baskets
and other such indian art
including cigar store indians.

dvd's for sale



Entry Doors
Nana Wall Systems Inc. offers a full line of all glass, aluminum, clad and wood framed Opening Glass Wall Systems for large openings. As an architecturally driven company, Nana Wall Systems specializes in providing aesthetic, engineered solutions for almost any conceivable large exterior or interior opening problem

European search and comparison site

Evolution Jewels
Evolution JewelsT are for everyone. Our timeless designs
are based on sacred geometries and other symbolic patterns that
represent continual growth and celebrate all of life. The enduring
quality of our energetically profound designs makes Evolution JewelsT

Far Horizons Gifts & Decor
Far Horizons is proud to offerover 2,700 gift and home
decor items from around the world.....all at 25% to 75% BELOW retail

Fashion Glamour Model No.1
Clothing advice, visual modelling
and personal fashion advice as a means to beauty control

Feather Hawk
Featherhawk nature and flower essences gently and harmlessly restore wholeness to body, mind, soul, and emotions, empowering you to listen to your body's wisdom and follow your inner guidance to create peace, health and harmony in your Life.

Find Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry boxes, jewelry chests, earring holders

Fire Hot Sauces

flower delivery
Overnight flower delivery direct from the grower.

Flower Thoughts
Greeting cards and more

Fredi & Sons - Slippers and Robes for hotels, spas, bedroom
Fredi & Sons is the world's leading slippers and robes manufacturer

French Country Home Office Chair @
Household Goods, Furniture, Bedroom, Dining Room, Lounge


Good Humans
a good source for eco friendly products

Gourmet Cheese Selections
Import and Domestic Cheese

Hair loss Products

Hairstyles photos of your favorite celebrity
Short, medium and long celebrity hairstyles

Hair styles tips, hairstyle pictures and hair styling tools

Free baby birth announcements, Free baby websites,
Free greetings, Free cliparts, and many

Health Shaman
Seasilver,& other information

Holistic Health Tools

Home Medical Supplies
Discount home medical supply and convalescent help products store.




Incense, Essential Oils & Cones from Spiritual Sky
All your favorite Incense & Essential Oil fragrances, plus many new varieties, available now from Spiritual Sky Incense. Organics, Herbs, Inspirational Quotes: come visit us now!

Infomercial World
Hot infomercial prodcuts as seen on tv. Smoke Away, Supreme Greens,
Lateral Thigh Trainer all on sale!!

Inkjet Cartridges
Get OEM printer ink quality at a fraction of the cost!
Category: Computer


Jewelry by Julie's Jewels
Offers the largest, customizable jewelry collection on
the Internet. Julie's Jewels has the jewelry pieces you want and will
make sure these pieces are available at the lowest price.


Legacy Stoneworks
Building Stone

Legacy Stoneworks - Building Stone
A NY stonework company offering affordable stonework services, stone
veneer and building stone. High quality granite stone veneer,
stonecutting, raw quarried granite building stone and installation

Light bulbs & more
Light Bulbs and Replacement Lamps

Lilikoi Candles

Little Creek Custom Embroidery
Providers of custom embroidered hats, shirts, bags, and
apparel. Create your own custom embroidery item online and order via
catalog. Little Creek allows you to send in your company logo and get
embroidered shirts for your staff. Custom embroidered items can also be
great to give as gifts.

Loving wings
Beautiful statues, Pictures & more angels, Fairies. Birds, Butterflies
& Dolphins


Magical Journey

Make-up & Cosmetics Central
Visit Make-up & Cosmetics Central for make-up tips, and information on properly applying make-up. Also contains product reviews of the hottest make-up products. Make sure you visit Make-up and Cosmetics Central before you make your next make-up purchase.

Manhattan Oriental Rugs
Quality Traditional Hand Woven Rug

Manhattan Oriental Rugs � Quality Traditional Hand Woven Rug
Quality Traditional Oriental Rugs. Manhattan hand woven rugs and
carpets, Persia, India, China, & Europe. Antique carpets & rugs made the
traditional way rugs have been made for thousands of years.
Mind Body Spirit Superstore

Mobius Products and Services
Mobius Products and Services, since 1995, offers elegant and unique
STRIP jewelry in sterling silver, copper or 14k gold. Our jewelry is
on the sacred geometric principles of the Mobius Strip. Our Double
pendant was patterned after a double mobius crop circle which was discovered
England in 1997.Owners, John and Marcia Galleher also provide two
handbooks, "The Mobius Transformation" and "The Double
Mobius:Interdependence" and Hatha Yoga audio tapes "astrological counseling and tarot card readings."

Motorcycle Parts
Providing Parts & Accessories across the full range of Motorcycle, ATV,
Watercraft & Snowmobile. Our aim is to be your one-stop online parts &
accessories store


my mommy doll.
The only doll made to resemble mom or dad with
recording device so a message can be recorded and
stored for a child to hear over and over....while
parent is gone.
The hot shopping coupons, discounts for your baby

Navajo Kachina Dolls
Navajo Kachina Dolls. Hand crafted art by native american

Neck Pain Treatment
Neck Pain Products - Relief Mart specializes in finding back pain, neck pain, and arthritis pain relief products.

Novelty Phones
Novelty Phones - Disney phones - unique phones - collectible phones -
cartoon phones - fun phones - decorative phones - animated gifts -
antique replica phones - novelty telephones

Om Creations
Holistic & Spiritual Empowerment Tools

Om Creations offer hand made crystal mandalas.
The mandalas I create have been influenced by over 4000 years
of humanity working with crystals and energy

Online Florist
Online florist deliveries: Online florist discount pricing with nationwide flower delivery. - Great Babies & Kids Coupons
Offers coupons, deals and shopping discounts for online

Outback 4 Wheel Drive
Four-wheeling parts, Jeep hardware, vintage Jeep parts, Jeep parts � Outback 4 Wheel Drive can


Penny Whistle & Bodhrans
Your source for quality Irish Tin Whistles, Irish Flutes, Penny
Whistles and Bodhr�ns.
Herbs Herbal tea remedy Alternative medicine Aromatherapy essential


Pool WArehouse
Inground Swimming Pools & Accessories

Poster Calendars and More...
Find all types of Calendars here: wall, boxed, desk
pads, planners, pocket, wallet calendars & much more!

Quit Smoking
Quit smoking in one week with the 7 Day Smoke Away

Rainbow Crystal
Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit Over 300
articles on vibrational/spiritual expansion with crystals, essences,
and more.

Ramblin Rose
This a unique & wonderful store with lots of items that are just beautiful& it is owned by our dear friend Carolyn,so check out this site.

Replica Watch, Fake Watches
Guide to watch fakes, replica
watches, cheap watch replicas, brand name watch
fakes, fake watch, and more.

Rosacea LTD

RS Trading Co.
RS Trading Company, your no. 1 source for wholesale closeout
you the very best in closeouts, customer returns, surplus and

A 100% whole food (plant based) cranberry flavored liquid nutritional supplement that contains every vitamin mineral amino acid and enzyme known to man in natures perfect balance!

Sebastian hair care
The site offers Basic Beauty LLC's online Storefront, where you can purchase leading hair care, nail care, and countless other beauty products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Sell It On Our Classified Ads Site For Free!
Sell it fast! Person to person
Classifieds, Auctions and Trade.

Sheepskin Slippers has everything for anyone
looking for sheepskin slippers. Unbeatable prices and
excellent quality slippers.

Simple health Ebook on Healthy Living and Pro Star Vitamin Distributor

We have the best collection of slippers on the web! Animal slippers,
college slippers, slippers of all kinds and sizes. Slippers for


Womens and Mens Slippers at Value Prices! We have Slippers from
Green, L.B. Evans, Foamtreads, Hush Puppie, Oomphies, Jacque Levine
College Clogs! All of these available from SlipperWarehouse.

Sneaker Slippers
From college to house slippers, has
a great assortment of slippers!

Spiele Portal.
Game down loads



Star Builders
Dream catchers or dreamcatchers, dreamcatcher kits, drums, guitars, music, legends, dreamcatcher stories, health, nutrition

Dubai based Structural Steel suppliers. We are fast-growing, market leaders in the supply of Dubai Structural Steel item and Dubai Steel in the United Arab Emirates

Stop & shop at Knds Gift

Protect your guitar strings

Subtle Energy Solutions
Products for vibrant living

Definitive page on tattoos. For the real tattoo fanatics

Teeth Whitening Products
Offers a guide to teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening Products from
Buy professional teeth whitening products and
replacement gel at low cost.

The Feng Shui Way
The Feng Shui Way - Learn the basics of Feng Shui to enhance your life in the areas of health, wealth, prosperity and more. Free Newsletter, Lowest Price Guarantee product

The Intrasound Experience!

The Selection Co.
Online shooping guide and more for United Kngdom

the selection.
Online shopping

Tibbals Wood Studio

Toner Cartridges
Discount Toner Cartridges, Inkjet Cartridges, Cartirdges
highest quality compatible inkjet cartridges at very competitive prices

Trivita Way Sublingual B-12 vitamins supplements
TriVita Sublingual B12, B6 and Folic acid and nutritional products, vitamin shopping, natural diet supplements, antioxidant products and information on how to start a business from home. comparison site
shopping comparison site

VHS for Sale

Water Filters
Pure drinking water at your fingertips!

WaterColors Cards, Inc.
The theme of our product is Cards with Massage in Mind. These cards
allow you, as the massage therapist to artfully keep in touch with your
clientele and remind them that you care about their health and
Please browse our complete on-line catalog of cards and impress your
customers with this personal method of showing your appreciation for

Webspirit New Age Resources
New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth
Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase.
Topics include Personal Transformation, How To,
Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and
Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and
more great titles added all the time.

Wedding bands
Wedding bands and other rings

Wedding bands
Wedding bands

wedding rings
wedding rings

Wild Wisdom
Explore our collection of gifts and products inspired by natural and ageless wisdom

Window Treatments
Custom Window Blinds and treatments from all Major Brands at savings up to 85%.Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Kirsch, and Comfortex all at Deep Discounts

Wood Dash Kits
Large selection of wood dash kits, carbonfiber dash kits and aluminium
dash kits for your interiors enhancement.
Best Offers
Dedicated to the sport of surfing.
Information on surfing lessons, surfing holidays, surf equipment and more.


Yves Rocher Coupons
Yves Rocher coupons, coupon codes, promo codes, sales,
promotions and specials. has thousands of internet coupons and online coupon codes to
save at your favorite stores.

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Skin Care

Skin care, acne Information and resource guide.

Elysian Dream
Natural Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin and Chemical Sensitivity
handmade using natural oils, butters and herbal infusions. We have a
large selection of Frangrance Free products

Joshua's Garden
Provides all natural skin care, all natural skin treatment and facial
treatment. Joshua's Garden specializes in rosacea products for rosacea
treatment. Contact us for free skin consultation now

Make-up & Cosmetics Central
Visit Make-up & Cosmetics Central for make-up tips, and
information on properly applying make-up. Also contains product reviews
the hottest make-up products. Make sure you visit Make-up and Cosmetics
Central before you make your next make-up purchase.

Moving Boxes
Guide for helping you pack moving boxes using proper packaging
supplies. Also find packing tips and techniques to use when packaging your
boxes for moving.
Skin Care your Dermatologist and Salon hope you cannot find. Save and
do it yourself from the manufacturer with professional high strength
treatments like skin peels, vitamin C, anti-aging, acne

Organic Skin Care
The world's first certified organic skin, body, hair, oral and health
care.We are now the only skin care company in the world to be able to carry the USDA Organic Certification Logo.

Skin Care Products
Get the ultimate in skin care! Cheat the clock and beat the ravages of
aging on your body by giving yourself the gift of younger skin, glowing
hair, stronger nails! 100% money back guarantee

Skin Care Resource Center
The Skin Care Resource Center contains over forty articles
skin care, and facial skin care, interviews with dematologists,
on natural skin care products as well as reviews of facial skin care

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Somatics on the Web
Presents a revolutionary new discipline in the field of health care for recovery or improvement of freedom of movement and comfort after injury. Injury prevention. Developing superior functioning. Articles, self-help resources, practitioners

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Sound healing

Healing Sound therapies, Visionary art, Spiritual journeys, and channeling�In an expanded state of awareness,

Barbara Keefe also offers channeled workshops with the Angelic kingdom and Jtzara


Association of Sound Therapy
The Healing Power of Sound: Nestor Kornblum and Mich�le Averard are
directors and co-founders of both the Association of Sound Therapy and
Harmonic Studies (Spain) and the International Ass. of Sound Therapy (an online directory of soundworkers
worldwide) They conduct workshops, courses, soundhealing sessions,
Journey experiences and concerts of healing music worldwide. Overtone
singing (vocal harmonics), energy work, movement, Chi Kung, colour,
forks and singing bowls are all areas of focus in their work. They have
published several CDs of music for healing, meditation, relaxation and
energy balancing, and Nestor's Overtone Singing: the Practical Guide
with CD) is experiencing great success in several countries. They have
a 10,5m (100sq.yds) diameter Dome in Alicante province, Spain, and have
established a small centre there where they conduct their own workshops
in Spain. The new, improved Dome Centre will also be available to rent
accommodation for up to 20 people, from Sept. 2005. Their husband and
company, Harmonics Inc. distributes their CDs and books, as well as
Forks, and healing instruments such as monochords and monochord therapy

Atlantis Health & Ascension Center
Experience a NEW Gift from the Archangel Realm. Easily elevate your
Intuition and Energetic Healing Abilities Now. Providing Advanced
Spiritual Healing, Counseling, Classes, Certifications, Health &
Ascension Products

brighinda healing sounds
site is an introduction of the alternative healingmethods offered by
Brighinda. The main theme here is 'soundhealing' - to heal by means of
the voice/the word and the vibrations of cristal singing bowls. Offered
as well to heal are : lighttherapy, flower essences, reflexology,
affirmations, crystals, mudra's, aura-soma and the game of

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Exploring Sound
Exploring the connection of all life through frequency and the Language

Mary Comtois
my work is using sound and
music for well being. I have recordings offered, as well as information
on playing the piano and using sound for well being

Shangri-la Visions
Leandra is a Sound Alchemist. She is a vocalist, songwriter, teacher and facilitator who combines her background in classical and contemporary training with toning, harmonics, meditation, visualisation, energetic healing and a variety of instruments to support people in exploring their voice and expand their _expression, unveiling their hidden talent

Sound Energy Healing
Sound and vibrational healing with special focus on the Himalayan
sound instruments (Tibetan gantas, ting shaws and singing bowls) Site
offers information, articles, resources, services, concert events,
workshops, free newsletter and products for well being with the focus
sound healing.

Sound For Health
Sound For Health runs regular workshops on the transformational uses of
sound throughout the UK. There are books and CDs for sale on the secure
and plenty of information.
Please take a look and see what sound can do for you

Sound Healers Association
An Assoication of sound healers,wonderful web site they have a directory of sound healers. Charles lightwalker is a member.

Sound Healers Of Washington
An association of professional sound healers in the state of Washington.

Experience the healing nature of sound energy and
through the use of your voice. Find how sound acts as a
tool in overcoming stress and disease. Step into the world of sound and
enjoy greater awareness and insight.

The Center of Light

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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy Association
Sound Therapy

Mexico Peru Spain United Kingdom United States

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Spas & Equipment

Day Spa
Promote rejuvenation with a massage by visiting a local day spa in a salon, resort or holiday spa hotel near you

Tanning Beds : Swimming Pools: Tanning Bed Bulbs
Specialize in ETS tanning equipment and accessories,
above-ground pools, pool tables, spas, and sunrooms.

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Angel Valley Institute and Spiritual Retreat Center
Angel Valley is a 70-acre retreat center nestled in the vortexes of Sedona, Arizona and is available for individuals or groups who seek personal transformation

Ann Albers Visions of Heaven
A spiritual oasis to enrich the mind and soothe the soul. Free angel
e-cards, articles, seminars and more!

The Ascension Network, your spiritual and new age web resource
Free spiritual resources

Buddhist Network

A geographic listing of teachers with over 400 listings

Circle of Light

Circle of Light
Bringing SoulMates or Twin Flames together in God's Love for the
awakening and transformation of the world

Cosmic Awareness Communications
Cosmic Awareness Communications (C.A.C.) is a not-for-profit
Educational and
Religious organization, founded in 1972 in the State of Washington. The
official organ is a 20 page newsletter, published monthly, called
"Revelations of Awareness". The newsletter is comprised of questions
sent in
by its readers and the answers given by Cosmic Awareness, which has
Itself as the Pure Consciousness that permeates everything, including
people, which It refers to as "entities." It defines Itself as the
Vibration of the Universe. It is the force many call "God

Dr Joshua David Stone
Dr Joshua David Stone is founder of the Melchizedek Synthesis Light
and host of the annual Wesak Celebrations in Mt Shasta for 2,000 people
around the world! Spokesperson for the Planetary Ascension Movement and
author of Easy to Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path.

Earth Angel Spiritual Center

Liquid Light Center
Sharon Shane, author and channeled intuitive of the
Ascended Masters

L/L Research offers information for spiritual seekers, The Ra Material and Law of One books, and a home for wanderers.

Mysteries of Clear Light
Clear Light is the primal essence in its pristine state. It permeates all Creation. It is the very nature of the Creator and that which the Creator uses to bring everything into existence out of Himself.

Spirit Circle

spirit network
Spirituality - Esoteric - Paranormal - Wellness


Spiritual Atlanta
A non-denominational eCommunity Center where the Atlanta Inter-faith community & the World can dialogue while accessing the latest info on spiritual activities, articles, columns, message board and more

Spiritual Healing Tools
Creative Support for Teaching and Self-Improvement.
Webmasters: Earn a 50% commission by selling "The Heart Journal - A

Spiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine
Spiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.

Spirituality and Religion
Articles of spirituality and religion, Yogic text, Vedic
tradition, religions of the world.

Surrey (UK) Spiritual Healers Association
The Surrey Spiritual Healers Association is a registered charity (no. 255606). It was formed in November 1962 and has become the largest Healing Association within the membership of the British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA). We currently have in excess of 700 members, 550 of whom are accredited �Full Healer� members

Tai Chi Network

The Zoo Fence
A spiritual sight with lots of interesting stuff.

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Stone Medicine/Hot Stone Maasage

Hot Stone Maasage
Offering Heated
Stones, Hot Stone Massage Therapy Seminars, heated stone manicure,
and facial seminars and other unique products and services for massage

Shaman Jenny Ray
Jenny Ray is Serena's teacher/mentor who taught her Stone Medicine work. Jenny Ray practices and teaches a method of Shamanism
as it relates to the use of hot stones for massage.A great site to check out.

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Tai Chi

tai chi
Provide tai chi training goods.

tai chi follow me
We offer tai chi catalog.

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4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra
Sacred loving -Spiritual Sex

Tantra At Tahoe Sacred Sexuality Kama Sutra Ebooks & Training
FREE Kama Sutra Tantra "Sacred Sexual Secrets"
newsletter & 70-page Special Report helps you create sensational sexual
ecstasy by merging sex, heart, spirit. We offer premature ejaculation
mastery, relationship intimacy, G-Spot & female ejaculation, and oral sex
ebooks, courses, and hands-on training.

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Ojibwa Tea of Life
Ojibwa Tea of Life is a 4-herb essiac tea blend that is pure,
organically grown and affordable.   Quality herbs,herbal products
at the
best value.

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Mobile Games, Ringtones, Java Games, Mophun Games, Color
Download Cell Phone Games, Ring tones (Polyphonic and
Monophonic Ringtone), Video Clips, Color Graphics and MMS, J2ME Games,
Mophun Games and Java Games for your Mobile.

Guaranteed cheapest WEB HOSTING

Many people wish to continue living in their own home, but loss of mobility can make it increasingly difficult to climb up and down the stairs. We offer safe, reliable, and easy to install stairlifts to provide mobility and accessibility solutions for the difficulties our customers.

10E20 Website Design Company
: A professional, affordable New York
website design company specializing in search engine friendly website
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4 electricscooters.
If you are shopping for an electric scooter, wheelchair, ramp or lift you have come to the right site. We offer quality products, discount prices, in-home warranty service, and free shipping on every order (continental USA). Each product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4 liftchairs

These are top of the line adjustable beds and our most popular. Flex-A-Bed adjusts to fix your body not your body to the bed.

Welcome to our site. We specialize in products to transport mobility devices and provide handicap access solutions

A1 Printer Ink - Discount Ink Cartridges
Buy printer ink cartridges online.

Accessories - Handspring Treo Accessories - Treo
Accessories - Handspring Treo Accessories - Treo
600,270,90,180,180g,300 from
Description : Handspring Treo Accessories - Batteries, Treo Cases, Treo
Chargers, Connectivity, Cradles, Data Input, Handsfree for your Treo

adsl, free spam filters.
adsl, free spam filters.

Adult Hosting
Cheap website hosting. Linux and Windows web hosting.

air cleaners
Offers air cleaners from Austin Air, Blueair, Friedrich, IQAir, and Air-O-Swiss that use HEPA or Electrostatic technology for a healthier home

al l
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ASR Total Web Services

Best nokia ringtones

Bookkeeping Outsourcing Sevices
Indian Associates offer efficient and accurate data entry, data processing,bookkeeping, accounting and financial services through our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) facilities in India

Brilliant Electronics
Electronics including car audio, speakers, DJ equipment, DVD players,
home stereo, telephones, televisions, home appliances, marine audio,
microphones, power supplies, personal care, office equipment, digital
cameras, accessories.

Call Center Services
AmeriCall - The leading call center provider of outsourced inbound and
outbound call center services and answering services since 1938

Cellphone Acessories
Offers ringtones, logos, screensavers and picture-sms for Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens and Sagem phones

Cellular Accessories - Diamond Wireless
Cellular accessories, Factory original cellular accessories Diamond
Wireless accessories at discount prices. Aftermarket accessories and
tremendous selection of all brands.

cheap web hosting guide
compares web site hosting packages and companies.


cricket rules
A devoted website on cricket covering Live Scores with statistics, rankings, online polls, schedules, contests, Cricket World Cup 2003 and more

Degaussers & Degaussing: Degauss tape, hard drives, more
A supplier of computer-room fire-suppression equipment, computer-room
air-conditioners, magnetic media, reconditioned computer tape, and
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Dish Network
Free Dish Network satellite TV system. Hurry to take advantage of this
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DishNetwork Satellite TV System
Best Place for finding the right satellite system

domain name registration
fastest domain registration in australia, free URL forwarding

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Educational Software
In GeoMedia, GeoKids[TM] present interactive, multimedia journeys through forests, mountain streams, oceans, cities, time, and space.

Energistx: Technologies for Intelligent Evolution
Alternative Technologies, Aquatic Environments, and Healing Spaces

Environmental Pumping Solutions Ltd
Environmental Pumping specialises in combining well engineered Pump
equipment, designed to reduce or eliminate waste into the environment,
with a cost effective low maintenance solution.

Female Voice Over
Voice imaging, female voice over and commercial voice overs
provided by Jennifer Vaughn.

File Maker
Learn about how Alpha Five is easier to use and can make you more productive than Microsoft Access

Free nokia ringtones

Free Ringtones
Offers polyphonic ringtones, logos & pictures, movies, backgrounds,
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Future Tech Today,Inc

Get web
A HREF="">

Good Buys - Printer Ink - Inkjet Cartridges
Site answers frequently asked questions from people wanting to buy
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gorilla website marketing
The best ebook on getting your web site in the top ranking among search engines. - No. 1 site for unlocking Mobiles
Mobile phone remote unlocking services for GSM phones

Handy Logos

Handy Logos
Handy logos and more

Handy logos
: We offer mobile solutions, for example billing, sending ringtones and logos or sms-chatting


Have a Unique Week
Life can be a game but only if you play

Home Marketing UK
The UK's No 1 home business community site, for people working at or from home. Comprehensive Opportunities Directory, Resource Centre, and unique 'Find a Business For You' Service

internet service info
Help prevent fraud

Laser printer toner cartridges copier toner refill kits sells discount laser printer toner cartridges, copier
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Canon Lexmark printers

Link Exchanges
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We offer link submission service to increase link popularity and
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Matrix Software
Matrix Software created the first astrology software and has been the
leading developer/publisher of astrological software for more than 26

Mobile Infrared Transmitter for Emergency Vehicles
Turn Red Lights to Green in Seconds with Portable Traffic
Light Control Device. Low-cost compact traffic light preemption device
that safely controls intersections no more waiting at stoplights in
urgent or emergency situations.

mobile phones

Buy the latest mobile phones on uk networks with
most phones or handsets available free. Update your phone with
games, ringtones and screensavers all available online at mobile phones.

Mobile Phones and Accessories
offering a great range of Mobile phones to choose from, Nokia Samsung,
Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sharp etc and accessories

Moon Spirits World
The paranormal and spiritual clean-up crew. Visit us for web design, paranormal, spiritual information and more!

Multi-search engines & FTP engines
Search what you want in top 10 famous search engines & directories
within on page. This is designed for new Internet surfers.

Multi-Search Engines and FTP Engines

Network Design and Integration,
Netwise Group Inc. is a Los Angeles based consulting company that provides business automation, computer network, wireless, internet and security solutions, remote and on-site support, and cost-effective IT outsourcing.<

New media C.
Specialists in website
and promotion

Nokia ringtones

Novelty Phones

Oneline Cellular Phone
Online shop supplier of Cellular Mobile phones & PDA Accessories.
Discounted Price, Paypal Payment.

Outsource Management Group - Medical Reimbursement Specialists
Provider of medical billing, medical coding, electronic claims
submission, compliance review, bioterrorism preparedness training and medical
billing consulting to physician and group based practices

Polyphonic Ringtones
Get the latest polyphonic ringtones and mobile phone stuff

Polyphonic Ringtones
Poly and Monophonic Ringtones, Color Wallpapers, Phone Games and Color
Graphics for Cell Phones Worldwide

Polyphonic Ringtones
Offers the latest Polyphonic Ringtones and Ringtones, updated Regularly.

Presswood Quality Blueprinters
Providing large and small format digital imaging and diazo blueprint
reprographic services to the architectural, engineering, and contractor

Pride Communication Services
Store for Krusell, makers of the highest quality mobile cellular phone
cases, PDA cases, notebook cases, MP3 cases, Gameboy and Camera cases,
Multidapt system from Pride Communications Services

Printer Filling Station
We specialize in printer ink refill kits
and bulk inks for a wide range of printer makes and models.

Printer Filling Station
We specialize in printer ink refill kits
and bulk inks for a wide range of printer makes and models
We offer superior performance Air Purifiers engineered to enhance
living conditions, provide superior air quality and decrease overall indoors
air pollution.
ringtones and logos

RA*D*AR Electromagnetic Stabilizer
Test your daily radiation exposure, you may need protection!

Refund Systems
Lower your corporate telecom expenses 10% to 40% with our retroactive
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RIM Blackberry Accessories from #1 site
Blackberry Chargers, Blackberry Batteries, Cases, Desktop
Stands, Blackberry Connectivity, Handsfree, Data Cables, Blackberry
Software and more Rim Blackberry Accessories for your Cell Phone.

Ring Tones
Ring tones for your nokia

Mono and Polyphonic! Latest Hits, All Genres, 1000's of Titles, Great
Sounding Songs

Ringtones and mobile phone games. Cheap. Worldwide.

Mobile Ringtones and Monophonic ringtones, thousands to choose

Ringtones Ring Tones Phone Games Ringers Wallpapers
Download the latest polyphonic ringtones, phone games, wallpapers, more
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Ringtones, ring tones and phone games
Polyphonic Ringtones,ring tones, phone games, wallpapers, applications
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Ringtones, Ring Tones, Ringers, and Phone Games
Download the latest polyphonic ringtones, phone games, wallpapers, more
directly to your cell phone! Supports Nokia, Samsung, Hitachi, Sayno,
Motorola, Siemens, LG in over 100 countries.

Satellite TV Review
Info on sat tv systems and a comparison of Dish Network and Directv

Seltice Systems
Website hosting from $100 per year and $10 per year domain name registrations.

Software Development
Voss Software Development

Software Development
Web Design and Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Application Development,Database Integration, Flash Development, Search Engine Optimization and Software Development Services

SpokaneValley Info.
Marketing & advertsing services: community information, vistors guide
business directory

Student Information Management System
HACS offers school administration software, school management software, preschool / private school information management system and student information management system. In addition to education management and administration software, we also offer church and social ministry administration / management software.<

SWG exploits
Star Wars Galaxies exploits, cheats, bugs, tips, and guides.

Template Expert
Web Design Experts. We offer Free Website Templates, Flash Templates,
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The Clarion Press - Web Design, E-Commerce, Book Publishing
A web design company offering small businesses the opportunity to gain both presence and revenue via the World Wide Web.
A publishing service whereby its niche is to distribute all literary forms that will: inform, inspire, and expand thought.

UK Mobile Phone Forums
A discussion forum to discuss mobile phones and networks as well as a
place to kick back and relax.

Vibrant Ink
Ink Cartridges within 24 hours.

Voiceovers and Audio Production
Professional male and female voice over talent immediately
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Water Filter
Plumbed in pure chilled filtered water coolers and fountains.

weather station
best weather hardware on the planet

web hosting
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Web Hosting/Austrial
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We offer Webmarketing Business Plans for small- and medium-sized companies

If you're shopping for a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, or mobility aid, you have come to the right site. We offer quality products, discount prices, in-home warranty service plus free shipping on all orders

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Translation Services

Translation Services
Translation Services for Indian (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, etc)
and International Languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, =
Japanese, etc

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Travel/Hotels & More

Provide hotel erservation services for Istanbul, Antalya and all over Turkey


Istanbul hotels,hotels istanbul,Turkey hotels,best hotels
Istanbul 5 stars hotels,Istanbul airport transfer.Istanbul
travel guide.Online hotel booking.

Istanbul hotels,hotels istanbul,Turkey hotels,best hotels
Istanbul 5 stars hotels,Istanbul airport transfer.Istanbul
travel guide.Online hotel booking

"AlwaysOut Bars,
Ultimate guide for Restaurants and Nightlife

: Alzer Hotel Istanbul
Alzer Hotel is the only hotel located at the center of Sultanahmets historical Hippodrome in istanbul.

A Taste of Health � Holistic and Macrobiotic Educational Vacations
Worldwide resort hotel and cruise vacations featuring vegen and macrobiotic food, lectures by Michio Kushi and other well know holistic and macrobiotic teachers.

Abilene Texas Hotel - Civic Plaza Hotel in Abilene Texas
Abilene's favorite Hotel, Abilene, Texas - Civic Plaza Hotel at Abilene
Texas offers you all the amenities you come to expect at your home.
Civic Plaza Hotel Abilene Texas, Abilene�s favorite hotel.


All Bali hotel travel resort
Travel Portal providing Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali
and Lombok hotels villas tours reservation - Bali accommodation vacation
is our specialty

All Bali Hotels
Travel portal providing Jakarta,
Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali and Lombok hotels villas
tours reservation - Bali accommodation vacation
is our specialty

All Bali Vacation hotels
providing Luxury Bali Hotels Travel Resorts

All Class Hotels
Offers all kind of hotels in Istanbul, Rent A Car
Services in Istanbul,Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Kayseri,
Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye,Adana, Gaziantep and in all over Turkey, Tours
in Istanbul.

All Hotel Jakarta Hotel

All Hotel Jakarta hotels
providing cheap Indonesia Jakarta hotels and
Yogyakarta travel

All Hotel Singapore
providing cheap Singapore hotel and travel

All hotels Lombok hotel

All Hotels vacation tours Bali
providing cheap Indonesia bali hotels and Bali travel

All Istanbul and Turkey Hotels on the web
Istanbul Hotels Turkey ... provides you with hotels listing by star rating and location in Istanbul

All Istanbul Hotels
: Guide to Istanbul Hotels with in the city,provides
ratings, virtual tours and online reservations. Find out about the
local area and arrage travel plans

All Jamaica.
Jamaica vacation travel information. Accommodations guide:Negril,

Kingston, Montego Bay. Jamaica hotels, beaches, pictures, shopping,
restaurants. Jamaica after dark.

All London hotels and Attractions
All London hotels and Attractions
Descriprion: London Hotels online Reservation. All available hotels in
London, UK with seasonal Promotional Rates. London general information,
map, city attractions by areas.

All Nusa Dua Beach Hotel
providing cheap bali hotels accommodation Bars, Clubs and Nightlife Guide
Bars, Clubs and Nightlife Guide

Antalya Hotels
Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in Antalya

Arena Hotel Istanbul Official WebSite
Arena Hotel is a special Class, Charming and Quaint Hotel located in
the heart of the old city Istanbul, in Sultanahmet.

Australia Hotels
Discount Australia Hotels with special internet rates and instant
Discount Hotels.


Bali hotels

Bali Hotels,Bali Vacation,Bali Garden Hotel,Bali Hotels Kuta
Bali Garden Hotel, right on Kuta Beach set amongst more than two hectares of lush tropical garden with frangipani, hibiscus and gently swaying palm trees

Discount Bangkok Hotels in Thailand with special internet rates

Bed and breakfast York
Bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in York with

Best Istanbul Hotels
Best Hotels of Istanbul Hotel and travel guide, which lists more than
200 quality hotels in istanbul and also some in Turkey

Best online Travel Company with multiple resources
Redtaghotels offers leisure and business travelers a wide selection of low airfares, as well as deals on lodging, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and other travel

Best Stockholm hotels
Lodging special in Stockholm hotels, Stockholm city
overview, main attractions and neighbouring hotels. FREE and ABSOLUTELY
secure reservations in Stockholm. Montreal, Stockholm.

Best travel deals beyond compare
We offer the best deals of above 50,000 hotels. The hotels listed here provide you travel facilities and services that meet only high standards for their category

Best Western Turkey Hotels
Best Western International, Inc., is the world's largest hotel brand with more than 4,000 hotels in 80 countries. With over 50 years of experience, Best Western offers you a solid commitment of quality, service and value

Blue Cruise Turkey
Yacht Cruise along the Mediterranean coast. Options
include Gullet Yacht Sailing in Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum

Bodrum Hotels
Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in Bodrum, Antalya

Build a custom trip
Hotels-hotel-reservations-discount-hotels tools allow travelers to customize the trip that best suits them, insuring a smarter trip with great value every time

Cappadocia Hotels and Tours Center
Cappadociahotels-tours is a hotel and tours directory of cappadocia,urgup,Goreme Nevsehir and environs such Ankara ,Corum and the other cities in Turkey

Car Rental Services in Turkey
Rent A Car Service in Istanbul, Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya,
Izmir, Cappadocia, Adana, Ankara and all over turkey

Car Rentals
Quick Car Hire - providers of car rentals in over 60 countries worldwide. Choose from the leading brands in the business including, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, National and Alamo.

Charming Alzer Hotel Istanbul
Alzer Hotel is a traditional hotel located in the center of the oldcity in istanbul.

Cheap Hotels in San Francisco
Mill Valley Travel Lodge is unique among other Mill Valley Hotels offering budget rooms in the heart of Mill Valley, CA

Cheap London Hostels
Piccadilly Group specializes in budget accommodation in Student Residences / Youth Hostels London, English language courses and Job Search services in London,UK. In Addition, we offer online support services, internet services for students

Cheap Travel Insurance
Cheap Travel Insurance offers domestic and
international health and travel insurance for individual, family, and groups
traveling and living worldwide. Instant online quotes!

Discover Turkey

Dorsett Bali Hotel Bali Boutique Hotels
Dorsett Bali Hotel is the Traditional Balinese boutique hotel in Bali.

Edinburgh hotels
Edinburgh, England hotels with descriptions, photos and
special promotions.

Cheap Hong Kong Hotels : Special Hong Kong Hotels rates, instant Cheap
Hong Kong Hotels

Hotel Amber Istanbul
Best Western Amber Hotel is situated in a central district of Istanbul, within walking distance to the most historical sites in Istanbul. Stay in comfort 10km away from the airport in the heart of Istanbul

Hotel Spa,Resort Spa,Vacation Spa,Bali Spa,Oolala Spa- Bali Garden Hotel Spa
We provide you health and hotel spa services in Bali, the in house spa centre of Bali Garden Hotel

Hotels Day
Cheap Hotels with special internet discount rates at

Hotels in Dublin
Check Availability On line in Dublin hotels

Hotels Today Network
Cheap rices for many hotels world wide

Hotels, Motels, Luxury Suites at Great Savings Worldwide
Redtagmotels is a full-service internet travel agency, offering lodging, airline, rental car, cruise and tour reservations worldwide

Indo- Leisure




Istanbul Hotels City
Istanbul City Hotels offers all kind of hotels,especially in the old historic part of Istanbul and the business center is Taksim, Laleli and also in the other parts of the city.

Istanbul and Tukey Hotels Reservation Service
Istanbul Hotels Travel Service offers hotels in Istanbul, Rent A Car Services in Istanbul, Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye, Adana, Gaziantep and in all over Turkey, Tours

Istanbul Best Western Sumengen Hotel
istanbul hotels, HOTELS ISTANBUL, hotels of istanbul, hotels in
istanbul, istanbul travel, istanbul accommodation, turkey hotels, istanbul
historic hotels, istanbul budget hotels

Istanbul Hotels
Online reservation and airport transfer for istanbul hotels and all
turkey hotels

Istanbul Hotels
Offers a directory of accommodations in Istanbul and other Turkish
cities, from 5-star hotels to special class hotels, with rates, pictures,
and detailed information.

Istanbul Hotels
Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in istanbul

Istanbul Hotels

Istanbul Hotels
Istanbul and all Turkey hotels reservation service.

Istanbul Hotels Amber
Best Western Amber Hotel is situated in a central district of Istanbul, within walking distance to the most historical sites in Istanbul. Stay in comfort 10km away from the airport in the heart of Istanbul

Istanbul Hotels And car Rental Turkey
Offers hotels and car rental reservations in istanbul,
antalya and all over turkey

Istanbul Hotels Erguvan
The Erguvan Hotel is situated in a central district of Istanbul, within walking distance to the most historical sites in Istanbul. Stay in comfort 10km away from the airport in the heart of Istanbul

Istanbul Hotels Reservation Network
Oldcity Istanbul Hotels is simply to provide you with the best hotel accommodation in Istanbul and Turkey. istanbul hotels in istanbul tour istanbul rent a car istanbul rental car istanbul car rental online reservation turkey hotels Blue cruise turkey

Istanbul Hotels Turkey
Istanbul Turkey Hotels and Tours is a specialist istanbul and all around Turkey hotels , Car rentals and blue cruise booking agency offering a free online secret rates reservation service to both leisure and business travellers

Las Vegas hotels reservation
Top 10 Las Vegas hotels, city overview and attractions,
list of all available hotels in Las Vegas on your travel dates. Get
accommodation in Las Vegas!

LearnBA - Travel solutions and accommodation services in Buenos provides travel solutions and accommodation
services in Buenos Aires, Argentina. || Furnished apartments | Host
Families | Tango lessons | Spanish courses | Guided tours | Football |
Cuisine | Nightlife | Culture ||

LearnBA - Travel solutions and accommodation services in Buenos provides travel solutions and accommodation
services in Buenos Aires, Argentina. || Furnished apartments | Host
Families | Tango lessons | Spanish courses | Guided tours | Football |
Cuisine | Nightlife | Culture ||

Leeds hotels
Book cheap hotels online in Leeds with

Letsgo Istanbul and Turkey Hotels Center
All istanbul and Turkey hotels information and reservation centre

Limousine Service in Los Angeles
PrimeLimo is the choice for your limousine service in Los Angeles area. Airport transportation, city tours, wedding ceremonies, business meetings, anniversary celebration, prom, graduation or birthday party - we got a limo for you

Limousine Vancouver
Vancouver Travel bus shuttle to whistler, seattle and downtown

Local links from Turkey

We offer you the great Cheap London hotels rates and instant online

Luminati: Visit Egypt on a Spiritual Tour
Embark on your own special journey to Ancient Egypt and enjoy Five-Star luxury with every possible comfort. You will cruise the Nile aboard a luxury ship, stay at luxury hotels such as the beautiful Mena House Oberoi Hotel, explore sacred sites, and have access to the antiquities of the ancients in a way available only to a few.

Malaysia Hotels
providing Cheap Malaysia Hotels Travel

Malaysia hotels

Manchester Hotels
Absolutely FREE booking service. The Manchester Hotels
with best ratio of price and service quality.

Meridian Mississippi Hotels
City guide including hotels and travel information.

Montreal hotels, Canada; city map, Montreal attractions
Use this Montreal hotels server to make accommodation
reservation on your travel dates. Study Montreal city general information.
Examine the preferred attraction information and browse the list of
nearby hotels.

We offer travelers a way to create an online travel website, complete
with interactive maps that show their travels and the ability to add
journal entries and photographs from any pc or internet caf�.

New York hotels, attractions, exhibitions
New York hotels, attractions, exhibitions
Description: Welcome to New York hotel reservation server. Online
booking of any available hotel in New-York, special hotel offers and
promotions, current month New York Exhibitions. Manhattan, Bronx, Queens,
Brooklyn, Staten Island attractions and nearby hotels.

Online booking for over 50000 hotels across globe offers 50000+ hotels, motels, lodging, accommodations, bed and breakfast in over 9000 cities across the world.

A fantastic place to visit & stay.

The first organic hotel and restaurant in the universe, Penrhos is a
700-year-old farmstead on the border of Herefordshire & Wales. After 20
years of restoration work by the owners it now emerges as one of the
delightful hotels you could find anywhere.

Perfect destination on the web for discount hotels
Discount-hotels-travels offer you big selection of luxury, budget and cheap hotels accommodations with great discounts


Rock City Agency in Cappadocia
Offers all kind of hotels and tours reservation system in cappadocia,nevsehir,urgup,kayseri,goreme and all over Turkey

Travel to russia

Samasati Nature Retreats


We offer you the great Discount Singapore hotels rates and instant
online reservations.

Star Istanbul and Turkey Hotels Center
Offers all kind of hotels in Istanbul, Rent A Car Services in Istanbul, Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye, Adana, Gaziantep and in all over Turkey, Tours in Istanbul

Telaviv Hotels Regency
Best Western Regency Suites is situated in a central district of Tel Aviv, within walking distance to the most business and shopping locations in Tel Aviv

The Best Deals for Lodging and Activities Worldwide
Lodging-n-motels will provide you with the quality information about the Principality and will help you to reserve your accommodation on-line.

Thermal Hotels
Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in Antalya.

Travel Booking at its best
Travelseer is the world�s leading online travel service where you can find the right accommodation to meet your travel plans.

Travel Reservations offers great travel deals in all major destinations. Airline Tickets, Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises, Travel Insurance are some of the travel bookings offered

travel-quest specialist travel directory
listing special interest and adventure travel, holidays and vacations world-wide.

Turkey Hotels

Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in Turkey

turkey hotels.
Offers online reservation and airport transfer services for
hotels in Turkey.

Turkey Pictures
Turkey pictures taken by tourists, send your turkey picture and vote

Turkey resources
turkey related news, books and regional resources


What's On Newbury
a wide selection of Accommodation, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Motels,
Restaurants, Shops Entertainment, Travel, Nightlife, Jobs and

Whitewater Rafting
Elaho Whitewater Rafting provides whitewater rafting,
whilderness viewing, and family floating tours to individuals and
Elaho Whitewater rafting is located between Whistler and Vancouver BC

Your Connection to Holistic Bali
A centralized registry of
holistic venues including accommodation, healthy foods, yoga &
retreats, health & spas. Earth-friendly, socially responsible &
health-mind-body conscious.<

Your one stop shop for discount hotels, cheap car rentals
Lodging-motels connects you directly to the tour operators who possess the intimate knowledge of their very unique products.

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Ultra Refined Fish Oil
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Vitamins and Nutrition Center
The Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides accurate information on
vitamins and nutrition, research on vitamins and the different effects of
vitamin deficiency.

Vitamins at Vitamin Insight

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Interactive Voices - the leading voice over marketplace.

Voice, Speech and Public Speaking - Consumer Information Audio &Video; Tapes.
Tapes to improve voice and speech. Articles and tapes related to consumer information
On the web since 2000.

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Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
A site on Search
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The largest yoga directory on the internet.

Living Yoga Program--A 200-hour yoga teacher certification course. Registered with Yoga Alliance 200-hour. 9-day intensive combined with some home study and help from your individual advisor. Intensive held at beautiful, peaceful Austin, Texas setting on 200 acres of rolling hills, with orchards, peacocks, fountains, and vegetarian food. We welcome you!

.Prenatalplus Yoga
Debra Geymayr, R.Y.T., HBCE, CD - Director of Prenatal Plus - Yoga based in Miami, Florida. Certified yoga teacher, hypnobirthing practioner and doula, specializing in prenatal and postnatal with baby yoga. Registered with the National Yoga Alliance, Debra travels throughout the US hosting Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification Trainings and is creator of a nationally recognized video "Yoga for Pregnancy". Debra began teaching fitness in 1986 and celebrates "Motherhood" with her daughter every day.

A Yoga Life
A Yoga Life carries yoga and meditation tools, health appliances, yoga t-shirts and jewelry, buckwheat stuffed animals and health appliances.

AAA Feng Shui and Yoga

ABC-of-Yoga: The Complete Yoga Information Site
One Yoga Site with: Yoga Information, Yoga Exercise, Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), Meditation, Yoga Beginner Guide, Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), Yoga Diet and Health, Beginner and Advanced Techniques. All you need to Start Practising Yoga.

Accessible Yoga for Every Body: Yoga for the Young at Heart
Yoga for the Young at Heart LLC is committed to making yoga accessible to everybody regardless of age or physical condition. Learn gently and effectively with our videos (VHS & DVD) for beginners of all ages, seniors, and menopause; Sitting Fit Anytime CDRom & ScreenSaver; plus books and tapes by certified instructor, author and video producer,Susan Winter Ward

Amy's Yoga With A Heart
Amy's Yoga With A Heart
396 W. Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087

Barefoot Yoga
Products to inspire the Pratice of Yoga.

Cairns Yoga Academy
The cairns yoga academy offers daily yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga
and on one of the most successful intensive yoga teacher training
courses in
Private yoga therapy is also on offer as well as massage therapy.
Our yoga boutique stocks the latest yoga clothes, yoga video's & dvd's
styles of yoga mats. The cairns yoga academy is located in Edge Hill,
Cairns, Queensland,

Chakra Productions, LLC
Customize your yoga practice with yGuide Yoga Software...

A unique form of yoga

Elise Browning Miller
Yoga Poses For Scoliosis & much more an excellent site.

Harmony Yoga Studio
The best yoga studio in Spokane,WA. operated by our dear friend Alison
Rubin, she has 30 years of knowledge and teaches with gentle compassion & love.

Institute of Int. Yoga Studies

International Yoga Directory
Yoga directory listings sorted by Country. Your Guide to Yoga Centers,
classes, teachers, certificates, programs, retreats, and Yoga Associations.

International Yoga Federation
World Governing Body of Yoga

YOGA ON-SITE AT WORK Relieve stress and fatigue as you experience the
journey to inner peace right at your place of work. Acquaint yourself
the ultimate of rejuvenation and relaxation as you learn to harmonize
body, mind, breath and spirit. All levels of fitness and flexibility

JOY: The Journal of Yoga
Online yoga journal

Kripalu Yoga Center

Marie Wright Yoga Wear
High quality yoga clothing designed to enhance your practice.

Metro Yoga
Business development program for yoga instructors 'Metro
Yoga specializes in training yoga teaches on how to build a 'Corporate Yoga.'



Progressive Yoga & Vibrational Yoga
Progressive Yoga stretching is a vibrational yoga,that connects the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. Vibrational yoga is also taught
to those wishing to reach new levels of awareness.

Purple Valley Yoga Centre
Purple Valley Yoga Centre, where yoga enthusiasts and beginners gather
practise, teach, learn, relax and chat in North Goa, India

a drop-in centre and retreat in Goa, where
enthusiasts gather to practice, teach, learn, chat and relax.

Ruth Gould-Goodman
I call my work La Madre Yoga. I work with grounding consciousness in
the physical body. I guide people to stay centered in the divine map of
the spine and breath as a way of anchoring multidimensional states as a
present moment, open eyed body centered communication. We express the
alivness that is moving through us through authentic sound and movement
and word. we learn to channel our deepest self. The practice is deeply
empowering and very rapid in its capacity to bring each of us to the
center of our own unfolding.

Sam Dworkis
ExTension & Recovery Yoga by Sam Dworkis: A Free Online Yoga Book for Students and Teachers of all yoga disciplines. Explains how yoga works to improve health and fitness for athletes to chronically ill, injured and aging people.

Sam Dworkis
ExTension & Recovery Yoga by Sam Dworkis: A Free Online Yoga Book for Students and Teachers of all yoga disciplines. Explains how yoga works to improve health and fitness for athletes to chronically ill, injured and aging people

SHOP-of-Yoga: All Yoga Mats, Yoga Videos, Clothing, Equipment & Related Products
SHOP-of-Yoga: All Yoga Mats, Yoga Videos, Clothing, Equipment & Related Products and more

Simply-Yoga U.K.
Yoga Web site boutique

Swami Prem

Tara Yoga Center
Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Tara is a spacious healing and
meditative environment perfect for yoga, movement, and holistic practice.
We offer individual, family, and group retreats, which include
exploring Hawaii's sacred sites, expansive yoga, healing trauma, cleansing, and
spiritual practice.

Texas Yoga
TexasYoga Retreat--A one-of-a-kind opportunity to sample a diverse selection of yoga styles and teachers in a unique ashram setting in Austin, Texas. This weekend retreat offers over 50 classes to choose from taught by yoga teachers from all across Texas (and beyond!). Site also contains a directory of Yoga teachers in Texas.

The American Yoga College
The American Yoga College (AYC) offers advanced study and 500-hour yoga
teacher certification through intensive workshops in various unique
locations around the country. AYC recommends its Regional Affiliate
for 200-hour certification. AYC is Registered with the Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Business Coach
Guiding yoga businesses to prosperity

Words of a Yogi: A Book on God, Yoga, and Life

A great directory

Yoga Site
an eclectic collection of yogic connections

Yoga & Healing arts
The true essence of healing involves holistically bringing together body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Yoga Directory
A great directory of yoga sites

Yoga Floors
Firm foundation for carpet pratice

Yoga for the Special Child

Yoga Health Secrets
Your comprehensive guide to all the techniques you need for happiness
good health, relaxation, stress-relief, vitality, mental clarity,
motivation, self-confidence, creative insight and universal love!

Yoga Ireland

Yoga Mates
yoga networking

Yoga mats & More
Yoga mats, meditation cushions & more

Yoga Movement

Yoga Net

Yoga Network
A geographic listing of teachers with over 1800 listings.

Yoga teachers Asso.
A wonderful place to find yoga teachers..

Yoga Village UK

Yoga With Anne-Marie
"Yoga with Anne-Marie, Yoga; classes, teacher training, and Videos"

All you need to know about yoga, Resource of classic yoga texts, Directory of Yoga studios and Teachers, Asana Photos and more

Yoga resource center is dedicated to publishing excellent and affordable books
Yoga. It is independent of all other commercial, governmental,
and religious institutions.

Yoga Teacher training in India and the US. Newsletters, Photo
and more! In English y en Espa�ol.

Yogic Supplies
Yogic Supplies, Mysore Rugs, Bags, Idols & Many More

 Please visit the Natural Health Super Site



charles lightwalker
is proud to be part of

The Natural Healing Web Ring

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